Thanks to Nasa, now you know what Pluto looks like

Astronomy buffs were aflutter this week when Nasa’s New Horizon probe completed its nine-year mission to reach Pluto, and began streaming high-resolution pictures of the dwarf planet back to Earth. Even those who never look up at the night sky took note.

The pictures revealed something we’d never known about Pluto – its lovable little heart.

Everyone was enamoured of the little planet that could.

Some people couldn’t help but bring up another childhood cutie.

Others had a more ominous take on things.

And some old wounds, like that whole planet status thing wouldn’t die.

But seriously, let’s give it up for Nasa.

Without the space agency’s dedication we’d never have been able to complete the set.

– Featured image by NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI – via Wikimedia Commons