1. In addition to the author’s article, I think that the biggest awakening as a result of this CoronaVirus-19 outbreak, is the way the continent of Africa views the issue of healthcare and related facilities. In this case, my focus is political leaderships on the African continent that have through time diluted the efforts, works and plannings of governments to that of being puppet institutions of the political parties in charge or in office.

    Unfortunately what this inculcates on a macro level in our societies is a sense that governments should not or are not to have long term plans for their economies, because such meticulous efforts would be a waste of time with a change of political parties in office, since unnecessary replans would ensue just for the sake of showing change, irrespective of the kind of impact that would have on our societies. On a detrimental level that this is, it affects the planning for healthcare and related facilities amongst other issues across the continent.

    Proper healthcare is surely a matter that is so deeply neglected in Africa that its population has just come to accept the retrograded status quo as the norm. African politicians and the bourgeoisie seem not to be concerned about the state of healthcare facilities on the continent, because they have adopted a view that they and their families would seek critical medical attention when need be from facilities in Europe, Asia and North America.

    Amidst this pivotal neglect of proper healthcare for the proletariat in Africa, it would be prudent to have the masses realising and affronting their leaders to account to the fullest on this issue, amongst the many other important matters. The realisation of an immediate need of CoronaVirus-19 healthcare facilities, should in one way or another necessitate the debate on the state of healthcare facilities or lack thereof in Africa, which should in turn prompt concerted efforts or demand for a drive to the establishment of proper healthcare facilities; the retention of dedicated medical professionals; and the ease of access for everyone to the would be proper medical facilities debated herein.


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