The Julius Malema verdict in five tweets


Julius Malema’s fraud and corruption case, which dates back to 2012, was thrown out of court on Tuesday, after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) sought another postponement. In case you missed it, here are five tweets that sum up Malema’s day in court.

Malema was unfazed when he headed to court this morning.

It all ended just as he expected – legally, there was only one thing the judge could do once the NPA asked for another postponement:

Malema played it just as cool as he headed out of court.

If anyone thought this trial would have Malema tied up and out of politics, they had another thing coming.

Looks like he’ll be back to antagonise the Speaker for the House again next time Parliament sits.

– Featured image by Ihsaan Haffajee


  1. You looking at our new president. Incredible story! I wonder if this means they will actually do something tangible in court now (other than simply disrupt proceedings!)


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