The story of #FeesMustFall in placards


A picture may say a thousand words and a well-worded placard tells a million woes. FIRDAUS KHAN rounds up some of the most evocative placards of the protest.

1. This one stands in honour of Wits’s incoming and outgoing SRC presidents, Nompendulo Mkatshwa and Shaeera Kalla, and the drones of oestrogen-filled superhumans largely credited with starting and maintaining the momentum of the movement.

protest placards 4

2. A clever play on pop-culture. It might be a Hard-Knock Life now, but without doubt, students Run This Town.

protest placards 23
3. In memory of a rainbow nation that never existed.
protest placards 3



4. Minister #StudentsMustFall took many hits. protest placards 15protest placards 12
5. And his reputation for being a heavy drinker also did not go unremarked. bladelabel (Picture via Twitter)

6. Let’s not forget it wasn’t just about fee increases. Wits fees protest placard B&W 3   7. There certainly wasn’t much trust in the SAPS. Wits fees protest placard B&W 2 8. Alas, where is the government of the people, the housing and education you promised, ANC?  protest placards 10   9. A miscarriage of justice? protest placards 13  10.  Lend the young your ears.  protest placards 2


11. UCT Vice Chancellor Max Price retained his placard popularity from #RhodesMustFall days.  protest placards 7


12. And then there’s this one, “The University of Whites with Rands”

Wits fees protest placard B&W 1 [slider]


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