The Ultimate K-pop Summer Playlist

There’s a k-pop song to satisfy your every summer whim. Whether you’re road tripping to a holiday destination, chilling on the beach or getting the party started this is the playlist that will help set the mood. Here’s SHAAZIA EBRAHIM and FATIMA MOOSA’s ultimate summer k-pop playlist 2018.

Catching flights (not feelings)

It’s the summer – what else are you doing if not travelling to London, Paris, California, and Mexico? Make sure Summer 2018 is the year you catch all of the flights and none of the feelings by playing BTS Airplane Part 2. The BTS song is best accompanied by j-hope’s Airplane.


Long roads, breeze blowing through your hair, the radio on full volume and not a person in sight – the perfect road trip atmosphere. There really should be only song you should playing and that’s MAMAMOO’s Starry Night. Another must add to the road trip playlist is INFINITE’s Tell Me.

Poolside chilling

If you’re ever chilling near a body of water like the pool or the beach, sipping on a fruity drink then it’s the perfect time for RED VELVET’s Power Up. This song is so catchy and so chirpy, it’s bound to put you in a good mood. Add in EXO’s Ooh La La La and you’ll never want to leave the poolside.


You know when all your friends are over – maybe you’re having a braai or a chill session – and you need a song that just creates the vibe? That’s when you play iKON – Killing Me. It’s good to dance to, it’s good for bopping your head along to, it’s just a good song to get the party started. BTS IDOL has gqom vibes and will also allow you to bring all of your best dance moves.

Picnicking in the park

Chilling at the park with friends or family while whiling away the long summer days needs to be accompanied by SEVENTEEN’s Oh My! It’s fun, upbeat and the perfect summer song. Wanna One’s Spring Breeze is another good song to go with the mood.

Getting over your ex

When you’re getting ready to slay summer and forget about past heartaches, there’s no better song to listen to then SUNMI, Siren. Listening to a goddess sing about getting over her ex-lover is the song to bring out your own inner goddess and shine. ((G)I-DLE’s HANN is another perfect song to add to the mix.

Summer romance

What’s a summer without a little summer romance? EXO CBX Blooming Days is the perfect song to listen to about love and longing. SHINee, I Want You is another song for when you’re all bae’d up and living your best summer life.

Lazy days

The heat has gotten to you, you don’t want to make plans with friends and the summer fatigue has set in. Grab an icy drink, turn the AC up, and just relax with the soothing sounds of GOT7’s Lullaby. To complete the mood add in S.O.U.L, Get Myself With You and have yourself a chilled time.

Highveld thunderstorms

Not every summer song can be light and breezy. Listen to BTS RMs achingly beautiful playlist Mono when it’s raining or unexpectedly gloomy and you just want to contemplate life. P.S. Forever Rain is the perfect song to listen to in a thunderstorm.

Summer memories

While summer is usually the time for fun in the sun, it’s a time for beginnings and endings as well. BLACKPINK’s Forever Young is for those moments of saying goodbye and reliving those precious memories. If you want a more upbeat nostalgia song, check out TWICE’s Dance The Night Away.

Bringing in the New Year’s

It’s New Year’s Eve – time to say goodbye to 2018 and what else should you be listening to but one of the greatest bops of 2018 EXO’s Tempo. With sick dance moves and lyrics that say “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” it’s the best way to bring in 2019. Listen to NCT 127 Regular after and you’re bound to have the best year in 2019.


Did we leave any of your fav k-pop songs out? Which k-pop songs will you be adding to your summer playlist?

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