Top of the Vox: Africa Day in a time of xenophobia

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    “The UN told me that either I will be deported to another country, or my application will be successful and I would be granted asylum. The third possibility is that I will be arrested and deported to Ethiopia as a prisoner. I continue to publish Ethiopian news in South Africa and I still criticise the government. I receive threatening emails telling me to stop and this is why the third possibility is not really an option for me. I will be killed in Ethiopia.”

    Ethiopian journalist and asylum seeker Legesse Seifu is still waiting to hear from home affairs about his latest asylum application, and faces imminent deportation back to a country where he has been arrested several times for his journalism, after his most recent temporary permit expired yesterday. If our government is hemming and hawing about giving refugee status to a journalist fleeing persecution, we’re not quite sure who asylum is meant for.

    Must-read, this week 
    Monday, 25 May was Africa Day. On the one hand, the government used the day to call for unity; on the other, Operation Fiela is being intensified. Khadija Patel examines the devastating effects these raids have had on foreign nationals, pointing to the hollow nature of any official celebrations of continental togetherness. Human rights, and the rights of our African brothers and sisters, need to be protected always – not only on one day of the year.

    Don’t miss
    In the last couple of years, there’s been a concerted effort to draw attention to rape and sexual assault on campuses globally – and even locally to some extent – although much work remains to highlight this issue. But what about everyday sexism? Ra’eesa Pather spoke to female students at UCT and finds out about the routine sexual harassment they encounter. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember we’re living in the 21st century, sigh…

    Toon of the week: Trevor Noah’s “family curse” no laughing matter

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    Weekend special 
    There’s been so much bad news this week – the Fifa corruption scandal, theNkandla report debacle in parliament, the confirmation of South Africans joining Isil – it’s gonna be tough to unwind this weekend. We suggest you listen to Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh’s Mr President, an infectious track (we’ve had it on repeat since yesterday) that combines a dope beat with a hefty dose of political consciousness.

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