Trashing of H&M stores in South Africa endorsed by EFF top command

Earlier on Saturday, EFF members were seen entering a series of H&M stores – including Sandton in Johannesburg and Century City in Cape Town – where they collapsed clothing racks and dismounted mannequins. Some were singing and dancing outside, while others were seen kicking products inside the stores.

Floyd Shivambu, deputy president of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), says that Saturday’s trashing of H&M stores in a number of shopping malls across the country was a result of its racism.

Shivambu wrote on Twitter: “That H&M nonsense of a clothing store is now facing consequences for its racism. All rational people should agree that the store should not be allowed to continue operating in South Africa. Well done to Fighters who physically confronted racism.”

Earlier this week, the company was forced to apologise after their website featured a photo of a black child wearing a hoodie plastered with the phrase “coolest monkey in the jungle”. The advertisement sparked outrage on social media and the Swedish store apologised. However, many have claimed the backlash has been excessive, and the child’s own mother seems to agree, stating that the store didn’t intend racism and that people “should get over it.”

The EFF’s actions were slammed on social media, with many questioning the logic behind the campaign. Some called it thuggery and foolishness. Others wanted to know if the EFF knew that poor black workers would have to clean up after the mess.

But there were EFF supporters who said that racism required drastic action.

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Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons