Want to meet up with friends and family and still be safe? Here’s how.

In partnership with the Solidarity Fund. 

There are ways to still socialise with loved ones while ensuring proper protocols and safety measures are practised. Here’s how. 

First things first, do you really have to meet up? 

Well the best way to keep safe and stop the spread of the coronavirus especially during the second wave is to avoid meeting up with family and friends altogether. Set up video calls where you can chat with family and friends while keeping safe. Order in food and “eat” together without spreading the virus. You can even host a Neftlix watch party with friends and eat popcorn and watch a movie together. We know we’re all sick of video calls whether it’s Zoom, WhatsApp or Google Meet but honestly it’s the best way to keep safe. But if that just won’t work, then make sure not to meet indoors whether it’s your home or a restaurant. 

Go al fresco 

We know there’s nothing better than heading to someone’s house for a pool party and braai during the holidays. But during the coronavirus pandemic, that’s really not a good idea. It’s very difficult to ensure social distancing in a home where you’re not likely to be wearing masks. So rather than meeting indoors and possible causing the spread of the virus, rather meet outdoors. 

Have a picnic outside at a large open space like a park. Ensure everyone is wearing a mask and has sanitiser with them. Instead of bringing an assortment of food for people to eat, order packed lunches. This will minimise the spread of the virus and keeps everyone safe. It also makes the picnic so much easier to enjoy and means less packing up. 

If outdoors is not an option

If it’s just not possible to go out to an open space, and the gathering with family and friends has to be indoors, then follow these rules. Ventilate your house well, allow people to sit outside in the garden or yard instead of the house. Prepare personalised packed lunches instead of a buffet or sit-down dinner which there is a greater chance for contamination. Don’t host multiple parties every single day and night. Only host one gathering for the holidays – it might be difficult but we all have to make sacrifices. Don’t let people use your bathrooms – We know it sounds harsh. 

Above all rather forego gatherings in your house and if you must, meet up with friends and family outdoors for social distanced gatherings. You don’t want to be the mampara who has a braai at home and causes all your loved ones to be infected with the virus. 

Featured image via Wikicommons