Xenophobia: foreign nationals fight looters in Joburg CBD [video]


The xenophobic attacks that began in KwaZulu-Natal two weeks ago have now spread to Johannesburg. On Wednesday, reports emerged that shops owned by immigrants were looted, before they were forced to close down. A video shot by  SABC reporter Aldrin Sampear, captures some of the chaos. So far, six people have been killed since the violence in KZN began, including a 14-year-old boy and more than 1,000 people in the province have been displaced.

According to reports, foreign nationals under threat in the region have now armed themselves against looters. Sampear captured his video in the Johannesburg CBD on Wednesday, saying that foreigners were fighting back in the city after looters had invaded their stores. In the video, people are seen rapidly running away, while others hurl objects at one another. Shortly into the footage, a woman screams.

Watch the video:

– Featured image: Screenshot from Aldrin Sampear’s video. 


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