20 K-pop songs to jam through the holidays

2020 has been a difficult one but that hasn’t stopped the K-pop industry. Many groups from the industry have released inspirational, soothing, beautiful and fun bops. Here are some of our favourite songs which fit some very specific moods.

BTS Life Goes On

BTS tells us we’re all in this together and life will go even while the COVID-19 pandemic remains a part of our lives. We will adapt and get through this. 

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SuperM Better Days 

SuperM sends the message that with the difficult times, there will be better days. Even when it feels like you can’t make it through, there will always be a day when the sun shines through.

IU eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

IU shows us the place where we can escape from bad memories and which is only filled with beautiful memories. SUGA says there’s an island we can go to where we will be forever young. 

BToB 4U Show Your Love 

All we need is love when the world is too painful and there’s no beauty sings BToB 4U. If we lean on each other we will get through the disappointments. 

Pentagon Basquiat

We want to hear your voice with the Pentagon’s Basquiat. Rage against the system and find your own crown. 

TWICE I Can’t Stop Me

Nothing can stop me from having a good time with TWICE. Even if you know it’s not right, sometimes you just have to give up and dance along with TWICE. 

Red Velvet Future

This OST will take you to a brighter future. Even with all the anxieties about what is to come, don’t forget your dream and let it lead you to the future.  

GOT7 Last Piece

Find your missing last piece with GOT7. Whether it’s a special someone or even finding yourself, find the piece that will complete you. 


No matter what the world says, we just Wannabe ourselves with Itzy. We don’t have to do anything else because we are perfect just being ourselves. 

Stray Kids Back Door

Are you ready to open the back door and find a whole new world with Stray Kids. 

Zico Any Song

When you don’t feel like being social, just play Any Song and pretend like you’re having fun with Zico. You have to have fun even if it’s to escape the monotony of life. 


Show your pain and what’s bothering you and Taemin will show you Heaven. This world is difficult and can’t be escaped but Taemin will protect you. 

NCT U From Home 

When you feel lonely and in an unfamiliar place, NCT U will show you how to go home. You are never alone and they will show you a warm home. 

Ha:tfelt I Wander

We all have our own paths to walk on as we wander with Ha:tfelt. We’re only hoping for comfort and a better tomorrow as we walk on.  

DAY6 Zombie 

We are wandering through the world like zombies with DAY6. When everyday feels like the previous, remember you aren’t alone and you can cry if you want to. 

BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls 

Be a Lovesick girl (or person) with BLACKPINK. Escape love, or avoid or embrace but doing it while dancing along to this song 


This sweet OST from Taeyeon is about being next to that special someone and never leaving their side. They provide that much needed strength. 

MAMAMOO Wanna Be Myself 

Achieve your dreams and just be yourself with MAMAMOO. There is no standard to fit in and you should accept yourself without comparing yourself to anyone else.  

Suhyun Alien

Escape to another planet with Suhyun where you can realise how special you are even if the world tries to put you down. You can discover your superpowers. 

OH MY GIRL Nonstop

For a fun and easy listening song with a catchy chorus, Oh My Girl will be going nonstop.