9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Shaka Zulu


Shaka Zulu is the most famous African ruler to ever walk South African soil. Popular stereotypes imposed on the modern-day Zulu people continue to be influenced by facts and myths about Shaka. We all know that Shaka remodeled the assegai, turning a long, throwing weapon into a much more effective, short stabbing one. Now QINISO MBILIÂ shares some lesser-known facts about the Zulu king.

1. Illegitimate child
It’s believed the founder of the Zulu clan was conceived through what started out as ukuhlobonga, a sexual act without actual penetration, allowed to unmarried couples, during which Senzangakhona and Nandi got carried away. As a consequence to his illegitimacy, Shaka was raised in his mother’s settlements. He was trained and served as a warrior under Dingiswayo, chief of the Mthethwa clan.

2. Sgidi, not Shaka
Senzangakhona, his father, never called his son Shaka. He named him Sgidi and the child resented being called Shaka. The name he would eventually become known by was a reference to his illegitimacy. Nandi’s clan at first refused to believe she could be pregnant, as she was not married, and instead thought her pregnancy symptoms to be the result of a disease known as utshaka.

3. Curiosity drove him
Shaka was a curious person. He wanted to know how things worked, whatever the cost. Besides the infamous event in which Shaka sliced a live pregnant woman’s belly open to see how the unborn baby occupied that space, historians claim he once ordered a man’s eyes to be taken out so that he could observe how the man would adapt to his new circumstances. He also planned to send one of his most loyal men, Sotobe, overseas to England to learn more about the British invaders and their weaponry. But Sotobe only made it as far as the Cape Colony and returned after Shaka’s death.

4. Shaka the traveller
Shaka was fond of traveling. It is reported that he sat very little indoors and travelled the country by foot. Many places known today in KwaZulu-Natal were named according to Shaka’s first interactions with them, for example he found the water of Amanzimtoti sweet or tasty, he survived an assassination attack at the place now known as KwaDukuza (dukuza is isiZulu for ‘lightly stabbing’), and many people from his tribe were grabbed (in isiZulu ukuphanga) by crocodiles at the place known as Mpangeni.

Shaka Zulu 1 [wikimedia]

5. Spartan approach to his people
His capital kraal was called KwaBulawayo, which means where they are killed. People deemed unfit to live were brought to KwaBulawayo to be killed off. These included short men, deemed useless as they would not be able to see approaching enemy impi (warriors) from afar; troops who had wounds in their backs after a battle, as this meant they’d been running away; and anyone who went against his will.

6. How Shaka grew the Zulu clan
Shaka sought to change things that did not make sense to him. He was a singleminded dictator who killed thousands of people, some of them his own, for the sake of unifying the Zulu tribes. He used warfare to achieve his political agenda and to instill fear and respect for his rule. Tribes like the Mkhize, Sithole and Luthuli were won over through patronage and reward rather than war and intimidation, and the chiefs of tribes who surrendered to him were made Izinduna commanders in his own tribe. Unifying the people of Zululand took him about 10 years, during which time Shaka exponentially expanded the Zulu clan.

7. Respect for a select few
Few men were allowed to challenge Shaka’s decisions. One of them was Ngqengelele kaMvuyana, a Buthelezi who had arrived as a stranger to Mthaniya’s place but was later adopted and gradually earned Shaka’s respect. Another was Shaka’s protégé, Zulu kaNogandaya, who had almost equal rights to Shaka. Zulu kaNogandaya could do as he pleased with Shaka’s support, and was one of few people who ate with Shaka. (No one else had the courage or rank to do so.)

8. Anti-marriage stance
Shaka prevented his troops, even old men, from marrying, as he believed that marital affairs would weaken the men’s combat skills. He would claim that he was saving them from the evils present in marriage.

9. Killed by a servant
Although it is popularly believed Shaka was killed by his half-brothers, an oral testimony in the James Stuart archive suggests Shaka was killed by, or at the direction of, Mbopha, servant who sought to avenge his mother’s death at Shaka’s hands. At the time of his death, Shaka ruled over 250,000 people. White adventurers met Shaka only in the last four years of his life.

– Further reading: James Stuart Archive and Myth of Iron: Shaka in History by Dan Wylie.
– Images by Jacob Truedson Demitz for Ristesson History and James King, both via Wikimedia Commons


  1. I love this story. It is a pity so few have tried to understand this character. at one point he controled so much. From the Pongola River in the north to Tugela in the south.

    • One must appreciate the effort of educating each other, particularly on our ancient history, comogonies, African spiritual science, etc. But there has to be a reconciliation between what we get from a whiteman’s history books and our African oral history. Personally, I prefer the latter.

      • I’m glad you are shining the light on the true character of Shaka and the true motives and customs of caucasian people.

    • How is there question about shaka zulu and the pale face as they would say in that time. Both killed to get what they wanted and to claim lands. But it’s just a sham that this black king is looked down on for doing the same as the pale face did. Shaka gain power, respect, and was feared. He was also feared by the pale face. This is why they came to his lands. They wanted to see if they were able to take a land from a man that had to much but so little in there eyes and wanted to see how and why. Yes people in some of Africa did not have homes as the pale face or working toilets ECT. This when people not understanding others culture and trying to make a race or culture to become what they are because they don’t understand or have the knowledge to want to try to learn from others. It’s funny how whites always defend what they do and want to make it right. But not realizing they help start one of the biggest turn of history slavery. But whites rarely want to talk about that. They always try to sugar coat it. Did anybody now that white men that was gay would rap black men in front of there family and friend just to break them and make this strong black men look weak and take away there man hood. The only thing they at least had to hold on to with what they was going thru. One thing you can say about Shaka Zulu is that he did not do his men this way. Now shaka was a curious ruthless killing king. There a lot you can compare with with and shaka but then there is not a lot you can not compare. In all in all Shake Zulu was just one of this rare black man that had way to much power in those days and whites needed it to shut down cause he seems to be more powerful then them and they feared that. It’s just crazy how people look at thing because of there own race and not look at the real of it and just say dang our race was wrong or dang we are alike more then we thought. Or dang I give you that cause you are the better man or women and I need to learn or in prove.

    • Now what regime hasn’t killed in the name of power, why does this seem to fly over head. So the English settlers did not kill to get what they want.

    • Richard you sound so clueless of what being a Zulu king means above that you are not a Zulu I can tell . . . watch how you speaking about our Kings

      • Shaka has never been a king bro, a worrior , stupid leader. You get angry over the past and useless dead he has been pushing….you call him a king. More over, he ddnt have any child that could have pushed his legecy….Nothing to learn about Shaka, but to carry on following his misbehaviour….

        • its either you have been brainwashed or you are just as stupid as the people who think other races’ traditions and ancient living are inferior to others

      • I’m Zulu, so can I ask what does it mean to be a Zulu King? ‘Cause I sure know it doesn’t mean you can slice a living pregnant woman’s tummy for your curiosity.

    • Talking shits about a black man who fought for Africans land Against whites. Can’t tell us fuck all about our black ancestors in our Country. “White forks don’t belong in Africa”

      • We don’t belong in Africa?? Since when has Africa been black?? White people have lived in Africa for thousands of years. You are obviously a total illiterate. There are still native whites with blonde hair and blue and green eyes in north Africa. Africa is not the homeland for only blacks. If blacks are so great where are the great stone cities built by their great civilizations?? When your ancestors were living in grass huts with dirt floors mine were using indoor toilets and building great cities and creating medical technology and performing surgeries thus saving lives. You are too ignorant to live.

        • thats absolutely false and shows how delusional you people really are. your ancestors were merely shitting in buckets and throwing it in the street. all medicines today and back them come from the land….from people of the land…while your doctors were fingering desperate housewives our doctors, shamans, midwives and other healers had already made medical advancements you wouldnt believe. if you read more than christoper columbus diaries maybe youd be more informed.

        • Stupid people are still doing what Shaka’s stupid deeds. They call him their king though his mother was not royally married like other wives…..he ddnt even have a single child, shame…..

  2. Shaka’s history has been distorted a lot by colonizers who used his story to miseducated Southern Africans about their real history… He was Imbube/Induna yezikhali and served under King Menzi the true founder of the Zulu nation. Menzi placed Senzangakhona as the protector of the nation and when he rejected his son, it was Menzi’s wife who raised Shaka – he is still today known or referred to as “uNodumehlezi kaMenzi” literally meaning he gained fame by residing in Menzi’s home. Menzi had a son he named Nkayishana. If you do your research you will know that amaZulu refer to themselves as “abeNkayishana kaMenzi” literally meaning they belong to the son of Menzi; Nkayishana – even the current Zulu monarch’s clan praise refers to that. I can go on and on about this but the point is


    • Hawu! Menzi and Senzangakhona is the same person my brother. Also Shaka was called Sigidi later in his life because he deemed to rule over millions “isigidi”.

      • Menzi and Senzangakhona are not the same person uMenzi ubaba ozala uNkay’shane since kuthiwa uNkay’shane ka Menzi and uShaka is known to be called uShaka ka Senzangakhona so this explains that uShaka grew up under the sandla sika Menzi not under his father since Shaka is called u”Nodumehlezi ka Menzi”……Thuthuka do some research mfethu

    • Thank you, the evil European settlers destroyed south Africa and are still destroying the world, they are the filth, distort the truth about everything, first Africa and The true America, now it’s the Middle East, the scum the filth.

      • When I looked at your comment Brother Bilal. It was as if I wrote it.
        Your name and mine is not only the same but our thinking are also alike.

      • Shaka was a mass murdering dictator who killed many millions of blacks, not our fault you cannot accept it and need to resort to lies and blaming whites. Just like you are stating that the “colonizers” changed history, so did your proud ANC change the history of white people to suit their needs. Ironic

    • African Royal King: Menzi “Pete” Xaba is the father to the Royal King: Nkayishana “King Moshoeshoe I” Xaba father to Nkwankwini “Moshe” Xaba who is the brother to Mpangele “Aron” Xaba the biological father to King Dinizulu “INkayishana encane kaMenzi” Xaba who is the father of Princess Magogo who is the biological mother to Prince: Dr Mangosuthu G Buthelezi (IFP Leader)

      Royal King: Nkayishana “King Moshoeshoe I” was buried alive chained both hands and legs by the White People on the 5th of May 1603 Friday and that day was celebrated till date as “Good Friday” meaning the Royal King position was led by the African Royal King (Black person) and the Royal Queen position led and still in hands of Royal Queen (White People)

      The African Royal King: Menzi “Pete” Xaba is also the founder of the so called “Royal Education” which later known as “OBE/ CAPS”. The Xaba surname was Qaba before it became Xaba due to the fact that Xaba people are the San/ Khoisan aka Abathwa as some of you know them as “Abathwa baka Menzi”

      The Xaba Royal Kingdom position consists of the three (3) Royal Kingdom seats namely:

      a) ISilo: Menzi/ Nkayishana
      b) IBhubesi: Royal King-Menzi appointed Langalibalele Hadebe to lead that department
      c) IMbube: Royal King-Menzi appointed Shaka kaSenzangakhona aka “uNodumehlezi kaMenzi” to lead that department later under the leadership of Goodwill Zwelithini Lifelolenja not Zulu (His hidden surname)

      Several Xaba men, women, children were kidnapped to America and other countries and those who went to America were humiliated so hard in order to force them change their original XABA surname into a new surname “Jackson” (Jack is the most powerful tool on earth and Son-people/ Nation) which existed as from 1603 till date. The White people did their best to destroy Xaba Royal Kingdom and spread false history about this royal family.

      Please allow me to leave here it long and painful but thanks God we are the Peace Ambassadors among other existing Nations on planet. Today on the 19th of August 2017 our Royal King: Nkayishana “King Moshoeshoe I” Xaba is making the 414 years buried alive chained both hands and legs.

      The White led Government knew about this
      The Black led Government knew and know about this (From Hon. PW Botha to Hon. Pres-JG Zuma


      • Nkayishana Kamenzi, cha mfowethu buya usiphe ukuthi konke lokhu ukuthathaphi ngoba esikwaziyo nesakufuna emlandweni akufani nalokhu…. ngicela ungene kule page ye face book : Inkunzi isematholeni izaga izisho umlando kaZulu

        Lapha name ngizoke ngibhale ngibuze ukuthi kungani I Nkosi uShaka bembiza ngokuthi unoduma ehlezi ka Menzi? pls mfowethu vela, ungabaleki ngoba kusho ukuthi khona lana nawe okutholekhona nathi sifunde sazi iqiniso…angibone

    • Well said my brother “respect” I wish to learn the real history of shaka so I can pass it to my son will you please assist me.
      Where abd where do I find the correct hestory of our clab

    • It’s absolutely genuine ideas and fact about European scrambler’s of Africa they destroy the entire of an identity of African. Africa must renecensse!

    • he won 1 battle against the British…..one battle does not win a war. Shaka and the white man used each other, Shaka was very happy to give land in return for advanced weapons to annihilate his enemies. lets not forget that he systematically killed his enemies in senseless genocides, raping the women and then taking the children to train them up for his army. Yet we build statues and name airports in his honour….He killed more black people in South Africa than any white regime that colonised this country ever did. The whole world seems to forget that whites capitalized on an already booming slave trade. Black leaders like Shaka sold his enemies to slave traders in exchange for colonial trimmings and weapons.

  3. This is all bull,Senzangakhona named Shaka Mandlesilo not Sigidi,it was he uShaka who use to call himself uSigidi and uMenzi was Senzangakhonas alias hence ebizwa uNodumehlezi kaMenzi,plus uMbopha was a member of the royal house eGazini branch he is uMbopha kaSithayi kaGanganana kaNdaba kaPhunga noMageba.do research first then write.sibonge…thank you

  4. Menzi was Senzangakhona,and Nkayishana is isilo Maphumuzana kaDinuzulu kaCetshwayo kaMpande kaSenzangakhona kaJama kaNdaba,n yes uMbopha was not a commoner he was from the royal family.

  5. Qiniso It is again believed that Shaka was a highly educated Man according to one of the Rastafarian on my Radio Show Who I interviewed. He said Shaka new how to make a weapon using a metal, we both know that a metal need to be mined and be heated with a higher amount of heat so it could give you the shape of a spear. When we look back on modern history we get to know that we had we are the 1st people in Africa to have Universities e.g Sankore at Timbuktu which will make it believe that the physics He used to discover all the intelligence wouldn’t come from the dark. I find it hard to believe the history they telling Us about Shaka. Less not give up with the research

  6. Shu, kwaze kwakuhle ukubona abantu bakuthi bedingida loludaba olubabulekile ezweni, if only such debates could be organised properly and documented so that kuzotholakala okuyikhona. Ngib’hlungu nje ukuthi I didn’t grow up emakhaya and got a chance to hear more stories zasemandulo, this is what our rich history should be, what our kids learn, hhayi lendaba yo hitler bale egermany, Africa has a rich history, nomib’hlungu yiyona eyodilamulela ku this on going white supremacy, uma izingane zethu zifunda ngabantu abayenza ihistory plus babebam’nyama njengabo ngiyasho kuningi kuyoshitsa for the better for our people…..

    • Greetings my Kings and Queens. I am currently writing my first ever book and it’s about King shaka Zulu, titled the King we never knew. I talk about why Shaka was to be King, I talk about his visions,his mentors and even his sons. It is the truth about Shaka Zulu.

      • Mfethu, Shaka has never been a king, he was fathered by a king….the kingdom doesnt belong to him….do a thorough research . A lot has been hidden. Firstly, Shaka’s mother marriage was not a royal marriage…..start from there…..

  7. I really wanted to know the exact undiluted history of UShaka kaSenzangakhona but I’m even more confused. Uma kungukuthi uMenzi wakhulisa uShaka, kanti uDingiswayo Mthethwa yena wennzani? Ngoba kwezinye izincwadi kuthiwa nguye owabumba iLembe. Kusamele kengibheke ngoMenzi

  8. Umlando wethu wamosheka. Our history was twisted eons ago. I love the history of my people but now how do we know who to believe? I wish King Zwelithini can give his version of the story as I think it will be closest to the truth.

  9. One can understand the confusion because most of our history is oral and there are myths, believes and folktale. To truly understand most of our history one needs to verify through collobrating strories with or from other clans and tribes for instance the training of Shaka by Moshoeshoe is collaborated by most oral history of BaSotho clans hence his impi/ibutho (soldiers) were called uSuthu olumabhesh’ankone and the story that Sithole’s were associated by patronage to Shaka’s kingdom is collaborated by the story told by our [Sithole’s] forefathers when they relate the meeting of Shaka and Jobe when Shaka was after Mzilikazi.

  10. What I do not agree with is that, King Shaka was helped by the whites to conquer King Zwide of Nxumalo . This is what I saw in the movie “Shaka Zulu” . Can someone please elaborate.

    • abelungu bafuna ukuziveza kukho konke nalapha baziveza bephambili benzela ukunconywa,nokusondezwa ku Zulu,benzela kubukeke sengathi sasingabangani kugqibeke namahlazo abo.
      kahle kahle ayikho lendaba yaloyamdlalo ngoba ubhalwe umlungu kukhulunywa nesingisi lesi uNodumehlezi KaMenzi ayengasazi,
      masizwa emlandweni uShaka wakhulela wacijwa inkosi Dingiswayo kwesakwa Mthethwa,loku kuka Nkayishana no Moshoeshoe kasikwazi thina sikuzwa ngalo okubhalile,kodwake vele wonke umuntu angeke engakufisi ukusondela naye abonakale afaka isandla ekubumbeni uZulu,asingahlanekezeli umlando singadlali osomathuba.
      akukho okuhle abelungu ababengakubhala ngo Shaka:
      ingako kulomdlalo kuvezwa ethumela amabhunu phambili empini kaZwide loko kwenzelwa ebonakale njengomuntu owayengenandaba(asilazi iqiniso langampela)
      2.kubhalwe ukuthi wake wakopolota umuntu amehlo okungenzeka ngamanga nalawo

    • We know of ZWEDE kA MPANDE and not the other one…..the XABA’s of this world may be coming in corroborated as a result by those that has a hand in the falsification of our story but even when we could say QABA as a result of the shipment of some of our people from Southern Afrika to AMERICA could be a falacy since the years do not correspond…The slave trade ended in 1838 but on when it started can only be relied on what has been documented by the powers that be…..CREDO MUTWA ….can at least connect the darts for you and a base where you can find some direction when doing research work …..ngesinye isikhathi ungathembi umuntu…….themba itshe!!!

  11. Even with so much death after colonial wars, there are though very few people who can give a clear version of our history of ZULU in particular….it does not end there…..there is a great deal of our entire history…..not only ZULU but through out AZANIA…doing research should be everyone’s task to find the truth but one should be very careful in doing so because our history is falsified by the very people who want to claim they are the only ones who know our history simple because they have been given the vote……We must rise against such tendencies that want us to look stupid and myopic……you can fool some people sometime but not all of them all the time…..

  12. I am afraid the only person who is right above is “Hubhu KaBhejane Says”. I suspect he comes from the heart of Zululand or perhaps from the Royal Family tree like myself. Only the close relatives of the family really know how the family relates. I am from the uMbopha kaSithayi family tree…..and” uHubhu kaBhejane” hit the nail in the head. Even iSilo will tell you things about uMbopha being royal and him (i.e. uMbopha) taking all the blame for uShaka’s assination in the family as a result of being the last line of uShaka’s defense…hence when uShaka said ‘Nawe Mbopha kaSithayi’ uyangibulala na he meant what only the ‘Royal Famiy” members and family tree knows what he meant….basically uShaka meant that I knew that any of these people could kill me or get me killed …”but only you”…..now that should tell you something……We still paying for that to this day! If you really listen verbal or narrated history of the Royal Family you will never ever trust what the colonizers put in books about the history of Africans. Lastly: uMbopha came from the eGazini part of the Royal Family. I leave you to do your own research by speaking to the elders in KwaZulu the true essence of the “eGazini” part of the Royal Family…..So stop reading the European version of your own history!

  13. Greetings my Kings and Queens. I am currently writing my first ever book and it’s about King shaka Zulu, titled the King we never knew. I talk about why Shaka was to be King, I talk about his visions,his mentors and even his sons. It is the truth about Shaka Zulu. .

  14. I was so fed up when I watched uShaka on the screen. What disgusted me most is to see our history being distorted so much that Shaka was potrated as a villian instead of the hero, as a puppet instead giant Zulu king. I am happy to learn that Thapelo is going to rectify the distorted history and set the record straight viva Ilembe viva!!!!

  15. Igama ngingu Muziwoxolo Maseko ngiphatheke kabi kakhulu ngomlando wenkosi yakithi uNodumehlezi kaMenzi,Kingston kukhona abamhlophe abasifihlela khona ngomlando weqhawe lethu.phela yibo ababdkwazi ukubhala ngaleso sikhathi.

  16. Hi All

    My best guess to find the truth would be the British Royal house, because that’s where they discussed which version of our history to write. I’m am from the amaHlubi tribe our kind Langalibalele is still fighting colonial legacy to this day.

    This is really said as we may not find out the true version of our history.

  17. I’m teaching History and very crazy about it. I am finding it very disturbing that our textbooks are littered with European history. I am a Zulu woman who grew up listening to oral traditions from my elders. I find it ludicrous to hear African people label iLembe negatively. Knowledge is power. I forgive any European chipping in saying whatever they want to say. Well, what else can they say. …but an African saying Shaka was a loser!!! I’m sure their heroes are pink faces like Hitler and so forth

  18. I Brave my heart is feeling very painful when I come closer wanting to understand where we came and where we are now.Let’s restore our Africa ,not to be altered by others leaving their continents un altered.together we can transform Arrival into the jewel of the world

  19. Hi can you assist with the information, my Grand father had a journal written about Shaka s life , he told me that Shaka s sangoma or prophet, prophesied the coming of the white people from the sea Shaka said “Kuza abantu bezindlebe zikhanya ilanga bap he the umqulu ozonifundisa ngoMvelinqangi niwuthathe lowomqulu uzonikhanyisela ” and more which I don’t remember. , my grandfather assume that , the book was a bible. The challabge is I don’t remember the name of the book and my grandfather had past on 20yrs ago
    The big challenge is, i had a debate about the bible, some people believe that bible is not for Africans it’s for whites to manupulate us , can you do a research on that

  20. This is a great history only with few facts and lots of myths. I am curious, history also reveals that Senzangakhona kaJama had 3 sons Shaka, Dingane and Mpande. So who is Mhlangana because that claim that he is Senzangakhona’s son?

  21. too much has been said, all the bad things about ushaka, well i think king shaka was very smart just that people do not or didn’t understand his motive, ilembe eleqa amanye amalembhe ngoku khalipha wanted to understand how the enemy operates,He was all about protecting the land he went as far as creating wars so he could win people over to grow the army, if Shaka didn’t die the way he did thingS would have been different now, i believe he was gonna grow Big and the whole world was gonna speak Isizulu after the great King Shaka beat the engish

  22. One more thing i do not like how our King was described e.g(KING SHAKA WAS A CRUEL RUTHLESS KING) and when it comes to other races that has done the same things if not almost, as King Shaka, e.g(HITLER WAS A VERY SMART LEADER), i got one question for every one why was King Shaka’s appearance described as dark ugly individual while as his biological father was handsome and his mother was one of the most beautiful lady in the village, it really does not make sense to me, so i strongly believe that they are lot of things that are said which are not true. and yes i’m a Zulu borne in the UMUBI tree and that is my concern.

    • Europeans seek to destroy anyone seen as a hero to Africans. They rewrite history to say our leaders were cruel, ugly, crazy, stupid, sell-out.
      I see the same with my own Venda people, they raised total graves at Mapungubwe, stole gold artifact and hid them for years in their universities (only to be recovered in 1994) – of which we won’t know if they kept some.

      They’re doing the same with King Shaka – saying he was ugly, bastard, cruel, a cold-blooded killer. Why – because it serves their superiority complex,and will deny Africans their heroes.

  23. Only you white devils talk crap about the greatest king of all times King Shaka. It’s 2021 the tables are turning just ask the white devils in south Africa.

  24. to all the white people reading and commenting here, you speak shame and look down on other cultures including the Zulus but you whites faces are the only racial group in the world without a culture. what do you where for heritage day etc.? you have no value what so ever because you stole other native tribes cultures and monuments and rewrote history so that you can be at the apex. your white forefathers stole land where ever they went Africa, even the native Indians where killed and forced out of what today is known as New York City. but besides all the hate you have shown us we still rise above you, i mean we are more healthy than you, more athletic than you, better entertainers than you, our woman are realer than you and you white woman want to carry our kids because we are better. you still fear us you went and kill us with this corona and blamed China which is pathetic because we all know that your USA and other UN countries mostly populated by whites take their instructions from Great Britain. before you start judging other Kings and cultures look at yourself in the mirror for self identification. then look around to see how depleted your evil race has become and May all the Gods of all the people you’ll have slain to death for their lands carryon being hard over your shoulders until one day all the world knowledge and history that you keep in the History Museum in London may reach its true owners.. you don’t know the pain you white people have caused so many countries then you claim to be smart listen your we taught you’ll music, artistry, painting, farming, hunting, fishing, than Lewis Howard Latimer (who was black) invented the toilet. so we really do not need you whites, you take take take, porch our sacred animals, make drugs and sell to black man.. you are ruled by demons indeed but all is going to end soon

    • Guys, all what you are saying is neither here no there. Who is Shaka to begin with? We call ourselves Zulus today, before Shaka called you a Zulu, what was your brand?name. More than 100 tribes were forced to adopt the new name, as they were coming into southern africa from the north. Zulu is a person’s name , ukhokho ka Shaka, so how do you connect to Shaka’s lineage,dont you have your own amakhehla akuzalayo? Do you people know history or you are empty?The word Zulu was a forced word on conquered people and those who refused ran away like Umzilikazi and Soshangane whom he sent to Vatsonga to convert them into Zulus did not come back, and decided to have his own kingdom and called them Shangan after his name.
      We are not black people but brown, nsundu, and no one is white. God created a human being from the soil, so when i look at the ground and look at my skin, we look the same, no black soil but brown. They are making us feel inferior but we are not. Our biggest enemy is ourselves, brown people. If we could overcome hate of each other and embrace our brown ness, we can make it. White people are not doing anything to us but ourselves. Are they the ones mismanaging South africa today? We are going the african continent’s way, today their grand children are dying in the mediteranian sea trying to cross the atlantic to europe, are there any brown people there, baya kwa gogo?We are jobless today because a so called white man closed his factory, where is yours?
      The day we stop hating our own kind and start supporting each other in love, we wiill make it. Always buy from a brown person uma kukhona akudayisayo, instead of them.

  25. I am not Zulu
    But reading this story, I seriously doubt the facts. This story reeks of European manipulation of making the black person appear a wild animal that attacks, kills and destroy without any plan!

    The idea of Shaka being a cruel, ugly, destroyer and heartless killer cannot be true. No one would follow such a person….. they would have killed him even before he became famous.

    I think the West edited this story in order to say “it was Shaka who killed Africans such as the Khoi San people, it was him who stole land” and I think this was the West eternal revenge on a monarch they couldn’t kill & destroy in real life.

    The destroyed Shaka in their written history.

  26. Comment:whoa! Thanks for all the valuable information.I just know dat white settlers at that time were not writting history when they wrote what we now know about Tshaka,these where their observations,remember their business was colonisation.They feared Tshaka so much thats why we just know now that a Xaba guy was king..all these exaggerated evils of Tshaka are not to destroy our history,these stories were meant for their Queen back home to keep funding their babaric hobby.Blacks were not regarded as people during Tshaka’s time,so they never would have respected our values!
    Ah if Tshaka was’nt king then Nkayishana was invisible.

  27. Fake information fake images ..dont blv everything u read u hear fuc this dirty world Shaka never met Pink People /barbarians/Europeans that’s it


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