Dear moms: we love you, but you need to take better selfies

Selfies have fast become the preferred method of taking self portraits. Unfortunately our parents haven’t gotten with it. When you log onto Facebook, you’re harassed by unflattering (and memeable) pictures of your aunts and uncles. These selfies are taken with clearly no thought put into them – and this is an injustice. The Daily Vox put together a quick guide on how to take selfies.

1. Know your angles

This firstly relates to the way in which you position your face. Do you want to tilt your head to the right a little or the left? Basically find your good side. Also think about where you’re looking, it’s good to look into the camera but if you’re feeling deep, go ahead and do a profile selfie looking out the window.

The second part of angles is where you position your phone in relation to your face. Straight on pictures can be unflattering so think about the angle in which the phone will be held. Eye level and a little (around seven centimeters) is ideal. Taking a picture from below is a huge no-no.

2. Lighting

Camera captures light. If your back is to a window or other light sources you’re going to get either dark or silhouette pictures. Best is to have any main light source falling directly on your face. Avoid any shadows falling on your face as well!

3. Posing

Your expression is everything. Smile with or without teeth. Lift your right eyebrow and combine it with point number and and two and you have a winner. Pouting is out of the question. DO NOT DO IT. This pose died in the 2000’s and should stay there.

Other don’ts
Selfie sticks are one of the worst inventions of modern times. There are two times they can be used, when on holiday or if you’re a journalist broadcasting live. In a restaurant they’re not going to work and you’re probably going to hurt someone.

Don’t stick out your tongue. It isn’t cool and could be worse than pouting.

Now go forth and live your best life selfie life.

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