Would the SABC even exist without Desmond Dube?

We have all felt the pain of bunking school or work and being left with nothing but those Desmond Dube Clientele Life ads for company. 

Desmond Dube is quite the funny man, but most people would know him for his rather sombre daily presence on SA TV screens.

Despite his constant reminders of our mortality, Dube is actually an award-winning South African actor, writer and a producer. He received the Avanti award for best comedy actor in Joburg Blues, and a Loerie award for his role in the Sasol “Amaglug-glug” commercial. He is internationally recognised for appearances – besides the Clientele ads – in films, theatre productions and comedy shows. He performed in shows like Who Freed Nelson, Street Sisters, and Hotel Rwanda. He’s even had his own comedy show, “Dube on 2”.

Alongside Lillian Dube, Desmond is always there to remind you to think about what’s going to happen when you’re not around anymore – whether or not it’s something on your radar right now.

But there’s something far more pressing that we’re thinking about: IS LILLIAN DUBE HIS MOTHER OR NOT?

We can confirm, with some help from Twitter, that despite the shared surname, the two are in fact NOT mother and son.

But! Dube does consider Lillian Dube to be his role model, saying that she “took a liking to me and decided to sort of adopt me.” Close enough, right?

But can we just say a word about how dependable Desmond Dube is?

Home sick without DSTV to distract you? Don’t worry, Desmond will be there. Waking up and thinking you’ll have a chilled start to your weekend? Don’t worry, Desmond will be there to remind you that it’s Wednesday and you’re late for work.


But the funeral plans Dube peddles is an endangered species.

Minister of Social Development  Bathabile Dlamini  plans to stop insurers from selling funeral cover to welfare recipients as a measure to save the country’s poor people from exploitation of private insurance companies. 

But maybe the ads aren’t the worst thing – after all, they provide some people with the chance to exercise.

Jokes aside though. When all is said and done, there’s no doubt about it – the man is good at his job. Why else would he be on TV for yeeeeeears?

And will he keep gracing our screens and selling us reassurance? You betcha.