Five things to know about Germany’s plan for Africa


Africa will be high on the agenda at the G20 summit, set to take place in Hamburg from July 7 to 8. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to pitch a new development plan – dubbed the Merkel Plan – to change the way Germany and the G20 interact with the continent. The proposed development plan seeks to prioritise private investment on the continent, while reducing the amount of official development assistance (ODA) to the continent. The Daily Vox team rounds up what this plan will mean for Africa should it be realised.

1. The plan’s name is a nod to the Marshall Plan, the United States’ aid initiative to help rebuild western European economies after World War II. This new plan for foreign investment and aid in Africa developed by the German finance ministry wants to tackle several challenges to the continent, including slow industrialisation, security threats from terrorist groups, and overpopulation. It also aims to help accelerate development on the continent.

2. The plan was presented by Angela Merkel during a special conference in Berlin on June 12 and 13 as part of the G20 Africa Partnership, which was attended by dozens of African heads of state. Merkel said the plan to help improve Africa’s development and welfare is in Germany’s interests.

3. The proposed “Marshall Plan for Africa” aims to help African states with development concepts that fall under three categories: economic activity, trade and employment; peace and security; and democracy and the rule of law.

4. The German government says it wants to prioritise peace and security on the continent. In future, this might include the transfer of military equipment to African states. Merkel says several African leaders have complained that they are expected to fight militants on the continent, but that they haven’t received military aid from the West.

Speaking earlier this month at the G20 conference on Africa in Berlin, Merkel said, “We need an initiative that does not talk about Africa, but with Africa.”

5. Although the plan could provide Africa with the necessary investment for development, some experts have their reservations. Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott from the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), said there was no consultation with African states about what actually went into the Merkel Plan.

Merkel is expected to pitch the plan at the G20 summit. It would need approval by G20 members, including US president Donald Trump. Trump, who has opposed multilateral financial support for European projects in the past, is unlikely to support this one.

The plan also raises questions about Germany’s true intentions within Africa. Could this be simply another colonial project disguised by good intentions? Only time will tell.

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  1. Totally useless. The 10 nations overpopulating the rest of the planet should be treated the same way as nations involved with nuclear proliferation, sanctions and isolation until they are forced to deal with the problem.
    Overpopulation is as great a threat to the planet as a nuclear war, with destroying eco-systems, mass death, and destruction of world wide civilizations taking place if it is not faced as the threat it truly is and dealt with.

    And no, India and China are not among those ten nations. Do a search – Map world population growth to see who they are and start waking up to the reality facing us all.
    Do not say that you care about Climate and continue to ignore this.

    • Fuck off. Only the most disingenuous people still push the “overpopulation” myth. It’s about rates of consumption, not numbers of people. And as usual, it’s the rich countries that are the real culprits, not the poor ones.

      • I have to disagree, humans outnumber pretty much every other mammal on the planet, why should we occupy every continent. The only reason that this is seen as acceptable is because there’s nothing to intellectually compete with us. When there is we might be in trouble.

        We better hope and pray that whatever supersedes us (whether it be ASI, genetically engineered people, infomorphs etc) doesn’t treat us the way we’ve treated the planet.

  2. “Only time will tell”? Really? Nothing escapes you, does it?

    YES, ma’am, it’s colonialism (if you don’t get sarcasm). Plain and simple. And considering that it took two world wars to kick Germany out of the colonialism club last time around, this is not good news for the world at large.


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