“It’s Highly Unlikely That The ANC Will Deliver On Its Promises”


The African National Congress launched its elections manifesto, and a promise of 275,000 new jobs per year is a key pillar of it. While party faithful interviewed by The Daily Vox at the rally expressed confidence in the party’s vision for the country, ordinary citizens in Durban were more circumspect, pointing out that the ruling party’s service delivery record is less than stellar.

5 Points From The ANC Election Manifesto

Busisiwe Mbhele, 26, unemployed, Umlazi

Instead of focusing on ways that will boost our economy, government officials are busy splurging money, so it’s highly unlikely that the ANC will deliver on its promise. We do have our hopes, but it has never happened in the past. South Africa is one of the rich countries, but they rather spend money on useless things and unnecessarily. Looking at their recent manifesto launch, one can’t help but wonder how much was used.

In October 2018, Statistics South Africa announced that the unemployment rate stood at 27.5 percent.

“South Africa has 38 million people of working age. 16.4 million people are employed, 6.2 million people are unemployed and 15.4 are not economically active,” the statistician-general Risenga Maluleke told Business Report.

Xolile Nzama, 27, part time worker, Umlazi

Each and every party has promises when elections are nearing, at the end of the day that’s how they get people to be on their side. They will promise whatever they feel we need as the country of a community and there isn’t a way we can determine if they will keep their promises but all we could do is look at their track record and decide from that if they have kept their promises before. The ANC has brought a lot of positive change and although they might have not lived up to all the promises made, some were kept. I do believe that they will try to create more jobs. I feel as though it’s better the devil I know than the one I don’t.

Prior to the manifesto launch rally, various prominent ANC leaders campaigned in and around Durban. The result was a packed-out stadium on the day of the launch.

Sisipho Mfazwe, 25, data capture, Glenwood

I don’t believe ANC will do any justice and create employment. It has been in power for a long time now. Employment creation should have been the first thing as they had promised before so I don’t know if they will deliver or if they are doing it for votes. However, now that it’s Ramaphosa I hope he does create a lot of jobs for young people because many youths are suffering. We study and complete our degrees, but we find it hard to get jobs or when we do find them, they don’t pay enough.

“The ANC Has To Focus On To The Youth”

Nontombeko Ngcobo, 32, saleswoman, Glenwood

There is no use in them tricking us with all these promises. Our brothers and sisters are suffering, sitting at home with qualifications but cannot find jobs. Many young people are unemployed, yet they qualify for jobs. The fact that this is not the first time they promise to deliver is more of a reason why they are not to be trusted. They are just campaigning like the rest of other parties, but that promise won’t live to see the day. We are being lied too, yet again.