“Matric is the time to have fun and to push to the best of your ability”

School exams are finally over and matriculants are celebrating the festive season craze. The Daily Vox spoke to school-leavers to find out what their future plans were now that their high schooling is officially over.

Kumeran Naidoo, 17, Evandale
The first two weeks I’m just spending at home and going out with friends for movies. For the next few weeks before results come out I’ll be spending time in Durban with my family. I’ll either be studying at the University of Cape Town and hopefully will get into medicine. In the future I just want to help people who can’t afford healthcare. I didn’t face many challenges for my matric but I did many extra mural activities and would advise future matriculants to rather focus on their academics because this is basically the year that you make it or break it. Also I’d advise them that the best thing to do during exams is to go through past papers because some questions can be based between these and current exam papers.

On November 28, most matriculants across the country sat down to write their final English exam which marked their last day at school. This day saw matric pupils from different schools bidding farewell to each other. Pupils from different schools ended their exam in a most heartwarming way as they left their uniforms in exam rooms for the needy.

Aa’ishah Begg, 18, Pretoria
I recently got a December holiday job that I will perhaps carry on with on weekends during my first year. I will also be spending some time with friends and keeping up with gym. Next year I am to study architecture and I’m still trying to choose between University of Cape Town and and University of Pretoria. Architecture is my true passion. My goals for now are just to be successful in my studies and finish studying before settling down. I would advise future matriculants to not treat matric as though it’s not a big deal. This is the last chance for one to show their greatness in their academics.

Bianca Van Reenen, 18, Edenglen
For the holidays I want to start off by opening an Instagram account where I can sell my old textbooks from grade eight and give some away to those who need them. I’d also love to start a business of babysitting so I’d get myself out there through social media. For the future, I have planned to study a challenging degree for myself because I know my capability. One never really know what offers they can get and which places are available, but I plan to study actuarial science or chemical engineering. My advice to the matriculants of 2018 is that they need to work hard and not look down on others. Also, they need to ensure that they prepare for every test from the very beginning and not to forget that discipline goes a long way.

Kerina Rathilall, 17, Phoenix
I am just destressing for now and I’m quite confident for my results. Next year I will be studying teaching, I did apply at many colleges and I’ve only received positive feedback so far. I chose teaching because I would want to make a difference in the lives of as many students as I can. I would love to encourage children and help them realise their potential. My advice to all matriculants will be that they need to study hard and put every effort into it. I won’t say it’s going to be easy but it will all be worth it in the end.

Nozipho Lokhwe, 18, Kempton Park
I am spending some time with friends for now. I will then be going to the Eastern Cape in the next few weeks to spend time with family and hopefully will also be heading to the Western Cape to see my grandparents. Now that I’m done with matric I want to make a name for myself, I’ll be heading to Stellenbosch University next year to study BComm Mathematical Science. I believe that it’s a scarce skill and something that will help me to easily branch off into other things and help me advance my skills. I am also planning to find a job here and there just to start off my actual life outside of high school. Matric is the time to have fun and remain disciplined and also to push to the best of your ability.

Featured image by Gulshan Khan