Oh look! Penny Sparrow has black friends!

A hilarious video of Penny Sparrow’s “black friends” entitled “Wonderful, Thoughtful Black People” has been doing the rounds – and trust us, you have to see it.

Sparrow’s “friends”, Xola and Khanyisile, say that they’re the black friends that Sparrow mentions having in her Facebook post. “We’re the wonderful, thoughtful black people she was talking about. It felt like a shoutout!” says Khanyisile.

They mention the “friends of blacks” cards that they’ve created to curb racism. “Whenever you make a new black friend, you get them to sign it for you. That way, whenever you make seemingly racist comments in front of black people, you show them the card. That way, they know not to get mad because there’s other black people out there who don’t hate you!”

Penny Sparrow's black friends screenshot 2

There are also gems like how black people actually ARE quite similar to monkeys, and Xola’s “Penny Racism Graph” which proves she isn’t racist because she works with black people. “The amount that you’re racist against a black person has a negative relationship with the number of black people you associate with.”

Oh, and you have to see the end – their hilarious reaction when hearing that black journalists want to hear their story too.

Penny Sparrow's black friends screenshot 4

Despite all of the ugly racism that social media has been exposing lately, it’s great to see that we haven’t lost our good old South African wit.

– Featured image from the video