In Pictures: Clashes between UKZN Howard College students and police


    On Thursday afternoon, students at UKZN Howard clashed with police when students attempted to start a shutdown after several students disrupted classes. Policemen armed with tear gas and rubber bullets approached the crowds while a pastor tried to mediate between students and the police. The Daily Vox Team were there and captured these images.

    Students were dispersed when policemen fired rubber bullets and tear gas at student. One student was arrested for supposedly leading students in the disruption of classes.

    A student activist who is a member of the student arm of the Inkatha Freedom Party has spoke to The Daily Vox’s Kwazi Dlamini regarding the protests.


    Students gather for the commencement of the shutdown.

    UKZN 2
    Police officers were on the scene watching over the crowds.

    Students wait on the steps to be addressed by leaders.

    UKZN 4
    Policemen surround the pastor who attempted to mediate between the police and students.


    Protesting students hold up sign saying “Biko Lives” invoking iconic Black Consciousness leader, Steve Biko.

    UKZN 5
    Police watch on as students discuss their plan of action.

    A student raises her fist as she addresses the crowd while behind a placard behind says: We are students #UKZN not criminals. God Bless Afrika.

    Students look on and one student holds a sign saying Fees Must Fall and the name of a company King Sneakers.

    Students sing and dance, holding up Fees Must Fall placards.

    Private security look on impassively.

    Picture credits: Kwazi Dlamini and Nabila Bana