Six words and phrases Twitter taught us in 2017


Black Twitter is well known for educating, dragging and producing lit memes. It’s also famous for coming up with some interesting and weird names and phrases. The Daily Vox gathered up six of our favourite, words and phrases we came across on the Twitter streets in 2017.

1. Issa
A lot of people used this word incorrectly and were dragged by black Twitter. Issa is a combination of “it is” and Twitter cool kids have been coming for every soul that has been using the term out of context. Issa mess sometimes, y’all.

2. Cav the bear to zala the bonds
We still don’t know what this term means but we suspect the Braam Lords came up with this. This term was very common as caption as for images posted in #PostAndGo and SelfieTwitter. Some have translated it to slaying, but this one of Twitter’s weirdest phrases that we hope stays in 2017.

3. Nake
While this word may have not really started on Twitter, the Joburg North kids did make it a trend on Twitter. Nake, which is a cool kid term for alcohol became popular on the timeline every time folks would tweet about going out and having a nice time. We still are not sure why nake, but sure, you do you.

4. Give the people what they want
Despite Bonang Matheba’s reality show Being Bonang possibly never coming back after it allegedly failed to pull in viewership numbers on DSTV’s Vuzu Amp, Matheba left us with a favourite line or two. “Give the people what they want” has been quite popular among Gay Twitter and is used as a hype when someone posts lit pictures of themselves or demands something.

5. Nyams/lamzas
We all know by now that #HoeIsLife is a thing on Twitter, but because some of our parents decided to join Twitter to stalk us, Black Twitter needed to come up with secret words and codes to refer to sex, so nyams/lamzas was created.

6. “Andibazi nobazi” (I don’t even know them)
Probably one of the most hilarious phrases to come out in 2017. It blew up after Twitter user, Zukolate, posted a thread of videos of him attending a year end work function with people he did not know. After his videos went viral, so did the “andibazi nobazi” term. He continuously says the term every time one if his colleagues tries to video bomb him and we cannot stop laughing.

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