“The Change I Want To See: Inclusion Of Young People In Politics”

As people filled various polls to cast their vote, the Daily Vox caught up with born frees who are first time voters in Durban to find out about how they feel about voting for the first time and what change they hope to see.

Welile Khumalo, 18, student, Durban

I chose to vote because in a country and as a citizen it’s important to exercise your right to vote as it’s a democratic right. Also, as much as I’m an individual my opinion also matters, so if I don’t vote how will I go out in public and make demands? In the past we weren’t allowed to vote as black people so after 24 years of democracy, as an 18 year old born in 2000 after Apartheid, being given an opportunity, why would I waste it? The change I hope to see after this election is the inclusion of young people in politics, more especially in the African National Congress. I feel as though young people aren’t being given an opportunity to lead and it’s our time now as young people, we are at the forefront of the future and we are the future.

Voting process in three of the voting stations the Daily Vox visited was smooth with no sign of any unexpected incidents. In Steve Biko Campus voting station, the presiding officer said more than,3000 voters were expected for the day.

Lulama Mtolo, 22, student, Durban

This is my first time voting and I’m excited because I feel as though my vote is powerful. I feel positive about having been able to finally cast my first vote. With all that has been promised, I hope my vote will count for change in terms of everything that South African citizens need such as service delivery and the free education for us as students.

Nompilo Zuma, 18, student, Durban

As a first time voter and someone born in 2000 most people think that we don’t care about our country but here to vote because I care. I believe that I should be voting for the better of my country and with my vote I don’t hope to see change but an improvement, and if my vote counts, I will see the improvement I hope for.

Nkanyiso Ngubane, 23, student, Durban

As the youth we don’t usually pay attention to most things, so today I’m voting so that I can see change. I want to see change in youth empowerment especially in terms of entrepreneurship and businesses. Maybe my vote will bring change because I’d really want to see youth in businesses and change the mentality that life is all about going to school and getting a job.

Sinenhlanhla Hlongwa, 21, student, Durban

I am voting because I believe it’s going to give me a voice to have a say about the things happening in the country. Also, I want to see change especially in politics, I want to see us the youth getting involved and being at the forefront.

Featured image by Fatima Moosa