The ‘Save Water’ Mascot Is A Lot

The Department of Water and Sanitation along with five other organisations revealed the #SaveWater mascot called Splash on Thursday. This was part of the newly-launched #SaveWater Ambassador Programme which they hope will encourage Cape Town citizens to save water in order to avoid the dreaded Day Zero. The project is partnered with Miss Earth SA, Operation SA, Tsogo Sun, the Muslim Judicial Council and the South African Rugby Union.

The mascot consists of a huge white water drop atop a green body. That seems weird enough but what is even more creepy is that evil smirk the water drop has on its face. Predictably, Twitter had all of the thoughts regarding the mascot.

From being labelled the creepy dictator:

To the most horrifying image people will have to see as Cape Town approaches Day Zero, the ambassador did not impress anybody. The list of the worst things people will see including Helen Zille’s toes!

Twitter users also couldn’t resist meming the mascot as the serial killer whispering behind the door to SAVE WATER!

Someone even superimposed Splash’s face onto the Mona Lisa and a horror flick serial killer.

Others made up really frightening nursery rhymes for when Splash would be coming for you if you didn’t save water.

Comedian Rob van Vuuren said Day Zero would be when the mascot murders everybody. (could totally see it happened. I mean who is under there anyway?)

Splash might not be convincing anyone but sure as hell will be scaring people into listening to them.

We need answers DoWS! How did you think Splash was going to encourage people to save water??

Featured image via Twitter