Top of the Vox: Refugees in the cross-hairs of corruption

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    “One of the things that has been missing in South African film has been strong, independent role models – women who think for themselves and who are flawed, because at the end of the day nobody is perfect.”
    Sara Blecher created a strong, independent role model of her own through the character of Ayanda, and her film opened at the Durban International Film Festival last week (if you hurry, you can still catch the last screenings this weekend). Zilungile Mnisi spoke to her about why depicting real-life women – not the perfect goddesses of male fantasy – is so important.

    Must read, this week
    Anecdotes about corruption within the South African asylum-seeking system are nothing new, but earlier this week a report was released that contains actual data – and it’s not looking good, with one-third of those surveyed reporting that they were asked to cough up to access their rights. The Daily Vox Team rounds up six payments refugees have to make to secure asylum in SA.

    Don’t miss
    The Marie Claire 
    #InHerShoes campaign was meant to raise the issue of gender-based violence in South Africa; instead it reminded us that the business of women’s magazines is perpetuating stereotypes, not dismantling then. Of course, then the Department of Bad Tweets – better known as the Department of Women – had to make it even worse by victim-blaming the very people it is meant to stand up for. 

    Letter from Zimbabwe
    In a six-week series, our Zimbabwean correspondent Tendai Marima, aka Little Comrade, takes a look at what the big comrades in government are getting up to. This week she’s raising a toast to vice president
    Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa – tongue firmly in cheek. 

    Toon of the week: 2015, the year of paperless classrooms

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    Ed’s note: Our cartoonist, Nathi Ngubane, is still on leave. Please enjoy an old favourite, and he’ll be back with new material on our site and in your inbox next week.

    Weekend special
    The Premier Soccer League season is kicking off next month. With homeboys now coaching top teams like Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, Michaelson Gumede spoke to fans about what they think of having locals in charge.

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