Top of the Vox: Say hello to Open Stellenbosch

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“I support the Open Stellenbosch movement because it’s for the equality of all students. Here at Stellenbosch we are treated as though we are a sub-species of human. They treat us as though because we’re black, we don’t have certain rights.”
We’ve been waiting for Rhodes Must Fall-style movements to spawn at the University of Stellenbosch, and Open Stellenbosch has arrived. Ra’eesa Pather spoke to its supporters, who want transformation, as well as students who are more concerned with tone-policing.

Must-read, this week 
In the latest wave of state-sponsored xenophobia, Operation Fiela has been conducting raids to round up documented and undocumented immigrants alike. Khadija Patel spoke to one of the many Zimbabwean residents of the Central Methodist Church who were detained – read her first-hand account. 

Don’t miss 
Photojournalist Showkat Shafi was in Nepal in-between the two earthquakes that have left thousand of people dead and millions displaced. His photo essay focusing on a relief camp in Kathmandu puts human faces to the statistics. 

Toon of the week: Every parent’s nightmare: Oscar Pistorius playing hide and seek with their kids 

Oscar and kids

Weekend special
The Franschhoek Literary Festival kicks off today and we’re kinda sorry we’re not going to be there to see author Thando Mgqolozana take on the establishment, aka white colonial literary festivals. If you can’t make it either, here’s a preview of Mgqolozana’s swan song.

Sporting Vox
Meet Michaelson Gumede, who’s joining our team as a sports writer. To kick things off, here’s his take on why Kaizer Chiefs dominated the Premier Soccer League this season. (Disclosure, he’s an Amakosi fan.)

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– Featured image: By Safiyyah Patel.