#TOW2016: Conversations around the book and readership

The Time of the Writer festival is upon us, and The Daily Vox team will be following it all over Kwazulu Natal, as authors and artists work on “Decolonising the book”. You can follow the happenings right here. Click here for what happened on day 1 and here for day 2’s roundup.

TOW programme thursday


And there you have it folks! Day 3, done and dusted. Be sure to check in tomorrow for more from today, including an exclusive interview with Affluenza author Niq Mhlongo. For now though – good night!


Talking publishing when it comes to The Book and Readership, the theme of decolonising local literature stayed strong.



On a panel entitled They Write What They Like, author Niq Mhlongo gets set to have a discussion about his book Affluenza alongside Dr Danyela Demir.

And Mhlongo stayed true to the theme of the festival, discussing ideas of decolonisation and how it relects in his own work.


The evening programme kicks off with Notes on Music, where Swazi-born vocalist and songwriter Zoe Masuku serenades the crowds.



15:00 pm

The morning programme has concluded. We’ve got voxes with participants coming up soon and some reflections by our team on the ground. Don’t forget to follow #TOW2016 on Twitter and join us again this evening at 19:00 pm. Dana da Silva will be live tweeting Niq Mhlongo’s book launch from 7pm at Umkhumbane Hall. Follow us @thedailyvox for live updates.

13:30 pm

We’ve broken for lunch here in Durban. We’ll be back with a live Periscope of the afternoon panel but in the meantime here are some excerpts from the morning’s group discussions:


12:15 pm

So the first session has broken up into discussion groups but check out these highlights from our live Twitter coverage and keep your eyes peeled for some video voxes from participants at Umkhumbane Library.


11:00 am

Morning fam, ur team has just arrived at the Umkhumbane Library where they’re setting up for the day. The morning’s theme is “Conversations that Matter: The Book and Readership”. Our reporter Dana da Silva is at the library and will keep us updated as the day goes.

Umkhumbane Library

Umkhumbane Library