Uzalo: The ugly truth is about to rear its head

The year has barely begun and Uzalo isn’t disappointing. Switched babies, family feuds, incest… What more can we expect from the hottest soapie on South African screens? LIZEKA MADUNA speculates.

Uzalo is ratcheting up the suspense and has viewers glued to their screens once again as the Xulu family request a meeting with the Mdletshes.

Gxabhashe has made up his mind to reveal the truth about Ayanda and Mxolisi being switched at birth – a plotline that has been dragging for months. This is the culmination of a string of dramatic plot twists including MaNgcobo tampering with the DNA results, Amandla’s death and Gxabhashe’s plot to kill Ayanda.

After MaNgcobo discovered Gxabhashe’s plan to kill Ayanda, her conscience forced her to come clean. But her confession of a daunting truth panics her husband, who had hired someone to kill Gxabhashe’s mysterious son, Ayanda, who was mistakenly swopped with Mxolisi at birth.

The Mdletshes have gone through a lot, with the head of the family Pastor Mdletshe being arrested and then leaving the country after his release. Ayanda has become the head of the Mdletshe household and a pillar of the community in eradicating crime and bringing people together. But with his blood family ready to claim him back, this will certainly kill MaNzuza. Losing her husband and her son to the same family will be her worst nightmare.

MaNgcobo is not keen on the idea of Ayanda being part of the Xulus because this means her precious son, Mxolisi, will have to pack his bags and go. She raised Mxolisi from his birth as hers and bonded with him without knowing that she was raising someone else’s.

This shocking surprise awaits MaNzuza as she will learn about the secret that has been hidden within the Xulu family. Although she had had a soft spot for Mxolisi before the disputes between their families triumphed, she had never suspected anything.

For what is worth, Mxolisi wouldn’t mind being MaNzuza’s son, although it would mean that he has to shape up and leave all his dirty deeds behind at the Xulus, or ship out of MaNzuza’s territory. On the other hand, Ayanda might have a problem of becoming a mighty Xulu, obviously because of their blemished reputation as greedy criminals.

For Ayanda, being a pastor and staying under the same roof as the community destroyers isn’t ideal. If being a Xulu means that he has to conform to playing his role in the family business, this could spell trouble ahead. Nosipho and Ayanda have both eaten the forbidden fruit with their little affair… what will happen when they learn that they both share the same blood and have effectively committed incest?

Will Ayanda’s reputation be tarnished by that of his real family? Given that a pastor has to live by the book of God, the community might have a lot to say about the fact that he is a Xulu.

With the beginning of a new year comes a whole lot of new, and some old, dramas at Uzalo.

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Featured image courtesy of Dreamcatcher Multimedia