Voters share their thoughts on #Elections2021

Steady line at Lansport community center, Hanover Park

For Election Day, The Daily Vox team spent the day speaking to voters. From Hanover Park in the City of Cape Town to Marlboro in the City of Johannesburg, voters shared their thoughts. Here are some of the voters’ voices on the local government elections. 


#LGE2021 Elections live blog (01/11/2021) 

Riyaadh Young, 29, Hanover Park

I’m voting as I do periodically. Like many of us I hope for a change. Some of the important things that need to be looked at are poor service delivery, lack of leadership, and accountability. This especially in the realm of corruption and the gaps between the haves and have nots in terms of the social dynamics in Cape Town specifically. 

The municipal elections are the most important in my opinion because we experience poor service delivery on a daily basis. This is as opposed to presidential elections which we all know is the figurehead on behalf of the party that’s been chosen. I personally have witnessed the disastrous application of the disaster management act and its ineffectiveness. I am a lawyer so I speak on this from a legal point of view. I’m very disappointed with the current leadership and I hope for a change. I do not feel that we will get the change we do want. But at the very least if we contribute and try to add our own vote in some way it gives us hope.

Ghaironeesa Samsodien, 23, Hanover Park 

I find the local government elections interesting. In Hanover Park, there’s too much crime, especially gangsterism. Safety is the main problem. Even when you want to go outside, they want to rob you. I want more Christianity in the community and for the church to be more involved. My aunt used to tell me who to vote for but this time I’m voting for a different party. I feel confident in my vote and more people must come out and vote.

Franklin Cupido, 38, Hanover Park 

I’m voting because we need change in our community and in our country. The issues in our community that need to be tackled immediately are mostly the selling of drugs. There’s also not a lot of police visibility especially at night. Then there’s the littering and the cables are being stolen. At night it’s very dark in Hanover Park. 

I feel confident in the candidate I’m voting for today, especially before the elections. You know just before the elections all political parties are visible. But this specific candidate was visible long before the elections came.

Candice Strauss, 26, Hanover Park

I was forced to vote today by her family. My family told me if I don’t vote the vote would fall away and go to the ANC. I am voting for jobs and housing. I am going to decide inside at the booth. I’m not sure who I am voting for.

Ghalieb Kippie, 22 Hanover Park 

The reason why I’m voting is because I had a conversation with my dad. He basically told me that in today’s life the government is basically restricting us from a few things. So if we don’t vote, how do we apply for bursaries and how do we move forward in life. This is because they’re going to hold voting against us. If we don’t support our country, how are they going to support us in the near future? I’m looking for a different party this time. None of the candidates give me 100% that they can fix the problems but I do see potential.