We are hiring!

    The Daily Vox aims to put the citizen at the centre of news. Our young reporters seek to find, curate and amplify the voices of young South Africans caught between the BS.  In other words, whereas the young are often at the periphery of traditional media, they are our priority. Not the officials and the experts but the people – be it in the city center, the urban peripheries or the rural heartlands.

    When you join our team as a writer, freelance contributor, editor etc, etc, you join a vibrant outfit looking to challenge the way we cover the news. We welcome all types of applicants. No restrictions.

    Right now, we are looking for:

    WriterRace/Gender/Prejudice/Identity (based in Johannesburg)
    We are looking for an exciting writer to unpack and explain all the nonsense unfolding around us on a daily basis. The writer must be armed with wit, style and must be willing to set fire to stereotypes and other kartoffel. We all know that South Africa is still a maze of racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination and prejudice. We want to tackle these with charm, raze them to the ground.

    Application deadline 5 January 2015

    Two Internships (based in Johannesburg) 
    We are looking for two young reporters/social media heroes looking for break in the big bad world of media. You only need enthusiasm, a positive attitude and a smart phone (if possible). We hire interns on 1-month, 3-month or 6-month contracts. We are particularly looking for interns to assist with research, building the site and expanding our reach. Interns will be paid.

    Application deadline 4 January  2017

    If you are super keen, fill in the form below. And we will get back to you. If you have any difficulties filling in the form, send a mail to azad@thedailyvox.co.za