What next for Uzalo?


Uzalo viewers are finding it hard to believe that supposed lead character Gxabhashe is really dead. LIZEKA MADUNA speculates.

A flawed family man is dead, a man of God is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and the only person who knows what really happened isn’t about to confess.

It’s been only a short while since panelbeater/crime boss Muzi Xulu aka Gxabhashe was murdered but conflict is already rife in the Xulu families. The elders want his wife, Mangcobo, to agree to take his body to his birthplace for burial and his murderous brother Mkhonto is already acting as the head of the family.

Pastor Melusi Mdletshe is still in prison on charges of murder. His family is trying hard to prove his innocence but the lawyer has made it clear that Mdletshe might be going to prison for a very long time.

Meanwhile, the church choir is determined to sing at the funeral. But given that the choir leader is the pastor’s son, it may not happen. Gxabhashe’s family has also made it clear that the pastor’s wife, Manzuza is not welcome anywhere near the mourning Xulu family.

Follow the leader
Gxabhashe and Mdletshe were the heads of their respective families. With neither of them around, how will the two families handle matters?

Right now speculation is rife that Gxabhashe did not actually die in the shooting and that actor Mpumelelo Bhulose might yet return to Uzalo. Many viewers  have vowed on social media never to watch the drama again if Gxabhashe is really dead. Whether they will carry through with that threat remains to be seen.

It seems unlikely that Bhulose will return to the role, and recent TV has shown that no show rests on one actor or character alone.

But even if Gxabhashe were somehow to return from the dead, how would the writers explain this? Could he have faked his death or made a miraculous recovery? Soapies are known for stretching the bounds of believability but explaining away an apparent death can’t easily be done.

There’s another camp that believes that there is a possibility that, should Gxabhashe return, the secret of the baby swop that lies at the heart of Uzalo will be revealed and the two families will unite.

But where’s the drama in that? Might as well end the show right there. My guess is that Gxabhashe or no, the mystery of the baby swop, won’t resolve any time soon.

Do you watch Uzalo? What do you think lies in store for the show over the next few weeks? Tell us on social media or in the comments.

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  1. I think it will be better if Xulu retur back to the soap because he s the main character of the soap, the secret of the swap the babies remain as it because once they will revile the soap wont be same as we wanted to watch. Please how about uZalo plays every days of the week which is monday to friday @20h00

  2. Gxabashe, should be alive. This is how you bring him back. Someone who was trying to kill got killed instead. Some good Samaritan picked him up on the side of the road and took him to the hospital. But because he passed out for a long time in a coma, he lost his memory. The Samaritan had to take him in to her home. How they discover him, will happen after they think they have mourned and moved on with their lives and mkhonto thinks he has inherited the business. Then Gxabashe comes and fights for everything again. There u gom

    • what is the story about without Gxabashe?????? please bring him back cos we are waiting to see how his going to deal with who ever tried to kill him

    • Woow what a brilliant idea…I was thinking that too..and Gxabhashe mustn’t. Loose his memory but remember everything that happened that day so that Mr Mdletshe could come out of jail and only let Gxabhashe to tell the truth that Mkhonto shot him and tried to burn him but only to find out that he burnt the wrong person…and please let UZALO play every week days, this sopie is wonderful and let anger towards us as fans because it plays for few days and also does not have any REPEATS..so please make some more time towards UZALO because we absolutely love it…VIVA TO UZALO

  3. Akabuye uGxabhàshe azokhulula ibdoda kaNkulunkulu aphinde ahlanganise yona lemindeni he’s da key now akungadlalwa ngathi bakithi

  4. The sopie is nice bt without gxabhashe no its useless now we can’t watch uzalo again thy must turn out that they buried a wrong person there for gxabhashe was picked by sm1 else to another place.gxabhashe is the best. Umkhondo uya hypha

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  5. pls bring back Gxabhashi, ive stop watching isisbaya because of uzalo, now the main character is no more… what do you call that? bring him or i switch off my television

  6. The writer of uzalo made a mistake wen those police came to the xulu family they said they are not sho if it was gxaphashi in the car so they are still going to do the DNA so I’m surprised already he was buried n I ddnt hear or c were they confirm it was him so plz bring back our qxapashi if u still want us to watch uzalo or els I quit

  7. The person who write uzalo has done the great thing and you are a star amongst them all the writers…what ever gxabhashe did i feel sorry for him,but he must go back to uzalo…lets prentend as xulu didnt die because the drama is boringvwitout him….so what ever he didi we feel pity for him…siyamxolisela kakhulu hope he will learn his mistakes,but bring back xulu to the show we are begging alot…and uzalo must play every day at 20h:30 our heart a hearless with out him

  8. ngokuzithoba please bring back gxabhashe the drama is nothing without u xulu and mfundisi ..u myt aswel kill Nkosi or ayanda BT awuvuse ugxabhashe mfowethu….okanye uyozisola

  9. Uzalo will be the same without Gxabhashe
    The writer didn’t do a mistakes
    i like that
    Gxabhashe is dead <3 i watch u
    zalo then play the drama Mon 2

  10. Can you please gyz tell me how can we know about the swipe of that two young boys,how can we know that who’s shooting Gxabhashe your story is meaningless,i can’t watch Uzalo untill you gyz bring back Gxabhashe im a big fan of Uzalo but this make me feel to hate it.@Noxolo Mehlwana @Cptn

  11. I’m child who is so created I’m alwayz want to be an actor on zalo because of the way you did Tata Duma Ndlovu you are the best zalo is the best to all dramas in south africa but now with out u gxabashe hay not good at all plzzzz bring him back. Just make it like it was all the mistake and just make u gxabashe call mastmand and keep it as scret so that the person that shoot him stay dont know that gxabashe is alive so plZzzzzzz bring him back. From ccpho in cape town also I’m writer but still young

  12. I’m child who is so created I’m alwayz want to be an actor on zalo because of the way you did Tata Duma Ndlovu you are the best zalo is the best to all dramas in south africa but now with out u gxabashe hay not good at all plzzzz bring him back. Just make it like it was all the mistake and just make u gxabashe call mastmand and keep it as scret so that the person that shoot him stay dont know that gxabashe is alive so plZzzzzzz bring him back he is the one who will took pastor out of jail
    . From ccpho in cape town also I’m writer but still young

  13. Hey bring Gxabashe back nothing is enjoyable without him so please…I suggest that it is alright Uzalo plays only three day hence if it can play five days it will come to an end so quickly..

  14. Eish you know what, I still not believe the death of Xulu. If he can come back, it will bring the exact relief. Infact if they bring him back there must be reason from the writers but what we need is to feel the story.

  15. Xulu is on his way bck as people asked,l tried my best to gv him the second chance ok,please good people jst calm down

  16. this is very easy and clear, mabuza might be the one who faked the death of mr xulu, because he also wanted mr mdleche to go behind bas. that can be the easy way to make the fans of uzalo understand de faked death of muzi. as we all knows that mabuza was working hand in hand with xulu he can come out with wrong information about the dna test point that realy xulu he is death. while he knows that he hiden him for recovery.

  17. asseblief bring gxabhashe back coz uzalo now is boring but not so bad… I want gxabhashe back plzzzzzzz!!!!People. Worse besekukhalwa ngaye hku laTaima nomntu oyobukela uzalo ebesesithi uyobukela uGxabhashe so plzzz people make a plan gxabhashe abuye

      • u gxabhashe uyangibusisa ngolimi lwakithi lukakamageba very impressive baba u Duma no dadedewethu Ugugu but without him its just a mess he is a main character and he drives Uzalo to the next level

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  18. isukile…n its about 2 rain big tym so i advice everyone to buy amburellas.ayabulela ama Africa ngo Xulu…Go TIGER

  19. i think ndlovu is jealous about mighty xulu and is personally thats why he fired muzi.dnt mind him xhabashe ure the hero without uzalo.rona reo rata hore viva xulu phanzi mkhonto boring actror

  20. mkhonto my star, umfundisi umdledle, mabuza corrupt cope you guys you rock additional with the dead man gxabhashe , mastamind !!! i love uzalo guys .


  22. they have said it all so Mr Ndlovu listen to the masses and bring our main man Gxabhashe as well as playing Uzalo monday to friday nga 8.00pm instead of the boring Generations

  23. M R Ndlovu the masses have spoken so listen to them bring our main man Gxabhashe back now and play Uzalo monday to friday at 8.00pm shift Generations to 8.30pm

  24. I think they must return Gxabhashe now the truth is that Uzalo is boring us now without him we miss him so much. and Nombuso must start to think what she really wants uyasiphoxa siyimbokodo umuntu wesifazane oqondayo ngokuziphatha akenzi nje nhlobo njengaye especially umuntu omaxiyo nomesabayo unkulunkulu.

  25. Ukungab khona kukagxabhashe kwenza uzalo lungashub ngaphandle kwakhe pls bring him back.and uyangwasha ungshaya ngaphakath menglale ngimbonile nje kwi tv kuphelile.scela uzalo ludlale monday to friday

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  26. Gxabhashe is a main charecter he can’t die without solving the swap of children nd the one who shot him.he must come back plz plz plz

  27. Plz bring u Gxabhashe makabuye azoveza inyani ngabamtwana as ba wayesevile yena.Uzalo alumnandanga ngaphandle ko Gxabhashe ohh no Mangcobo wakhe shm ave ndikuthanda wee cc yhooo

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  28. Uzobuya u Gxhabhashe guys aslindeni bayayazi into abayenzayo ababhali let us relax mmmz?Gxhabs is coming back to his lovely wife Mangcobo that’s wat I want she so lonely alone pls mbhali mbuyiseni manje

  29. We demand xhabhashe back pls and all de truth must come out now plssssssssss.Nosipho stop triying to being a gangstar pls kuyashisa lapho Nongoloza akadlali uyingozi cc…..GC ave ungicaza wengane and uzithanda izindaba zabantu.uphi owakho umyeni kwaaaaaaa.

  30. Ngiyaluthanda kakhulu uZalo ngivele ngayeka ukubuka okunye ngalandela lona nje kuphela ukungikhathazayo yilokhu kokudlala kathathu esonywen,ngicela niyibheke leyondawo mawuphume umnden kaGxabhashe ejele sibone impilo ka Ayanda uma esebiza uXulu

  31. I think this soapie uzalo must play everyday because is the soapie an some of us we cannot leave without seeing it

  32. i which gore they can bring xhabashi back.uzalo ya bora this days with out the main character.Mkhondo and xhabashi guys.

  33. it will be marvellous if uzalo will play monday to friday not only alternate days, i am worried of Nkosinathi’s grave at Mangcobo’s homestead.

  34. I like very much when a person lives the life that is accordingly for , rather camaflash. GC was a good example for people

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