Woolworths parody account inflames Twitter users

A Twitter account that goes by @WOOLWORST_SA has infuriated some Woolworths shoppers with its inflammatory tweets, and left onlookers gleefully waiting for a social media blow-up. BENAZIR CASSIM explains why it hasn’t come.

First, for those who missed the wonky spelling, let me point out that the account in question isn’t an official Woolworths channel. While it uses the real Woolworths logo and is only a few letters shy of the official Woolworths Twitter account it clearly describes itself as a “South African parody retailer dedicated to bringing you white privilege, snark & vanity”.

Still, some Woolies fans believed it to be the official account, especially when it started responding to tweets directed at Woolworths.

Most of the truly snarky tweets simply troll Woolworths’ customers by misspelling their names or outright insulting them:

But they had some things to say about privilege.

And also about sexism and body shaming:

Ever wondered what really goes into a Woolworths fruit smoothie?

They’re very on trend and obsessed with coconut water.

They’re vocal about their religious (dis)inclinations, their gaming and their existential crises.

And after getting into more than a few twars, they were sure to remind those with ruffled feathers that this was all in jest.

This isn’t the first time someones posed as a company representative to have some fun at customers’ expense. In August, a man hilariously baited customers who had complained about US retail store Target’s decision to stop categorising toys by gender.

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– Featured image via Wikimedia Commons