“White people owe black people a debt that is still unpaid”


Apartheid is in the past but white people still owe black people a debt and it must be repaid, starting right now, writes MOGOMOTSI SEBAETSE.

White people be like: “I don’t have any problem with black people, however I do have a problem when people think the world owes them something, and when they don’t get it, everyone who refused them is immediately labelled a racist.”

How dare you?

Nothing in white people’s experience comes close to the suffering of black people. Nothing. And you inflicted this suffering upon us. You white people owe us black people a tremendous debt – still unpaid.

Let me be clear. Yes, white people suffer, and some at the hands of black people. I’ve also known some black people who have enjoyed relative ease and economic privilege.

But I’m not talking about the real and pervasive individual pains we all experience. I’m not talking about the fair number of outliers and exceptions to the minority’s reality. I’m talking about our overall collective experience as real and distinct racial groups.

The experience of black people in what is today the “democratic” Republic of South Africa spans hundreds of years of being bought and stolen from their homelands, ripped from their cultures, parted from their families and their language, and being sold and treated as inanimate objects. It’s an experience of systematic, frequent, and legal rape, beating, murder, torture, kidnapping, incarceration, cruel working conditions and constant verbal and physical dehumanisation. For hundreds of years.

Even after slavery ended officially in 1838*, and apartheid in 1992, much of this continued for another 100 years, well into our lifetimes. The black experience has included beatings, murder, vandalism, intimidation and humiliation at lunch counters, public streets, private homes, workplaces and the voting booth.

It has included de jure and de facto exclusion from decent neighbourhoods, home loans, schools, adequate jobs, political representation, and legal justice in courtrooms. While increasingly less legal, much of this continues today, as does the fallout and trauma of coming from 12 or more generations of abuse.

And all this because WE are black. Whites as a group have experienced nothing even close.

Let me be clear again, Afrikaaners. Maybe you had no slave-owners in your lineage as far as you know. Maybe you came from various strains of farmers and working class folks arriving from Europe at various points in history. Maybe your lineage is full of suffering: crops failed, plagues came, war with the British, women had more children than they could handle and no socially acceptable channel for their genius, money was short, wars broke out.

And still, the life you enjoy today is in large part due to what people of African descent contributed to this country.

Black people’s bodies – literally and figuratively – tilled the soil, built the foundation, and grew the backbone of this country. They planted and harvested crops that fed you and grew your white wealth. They built the roads and railroads. They nursed and cared for white children so that wealthy white women could spend time doing other things like studying and developing their artistic talents. And on and on.

And you have yet to truly acknowledge that white people are rich because black people did so much to build this nation, and built it for cheap or less than nothing.

The life you enjoy today is also made easier by the fact that you were born with a white skin in a country where having white skin has brought meaningful, unearned advantages for hundreds of years.

And yet so many white people think racism is gone, over, a moot point, or a tiresome topic. Especially Good White People. They point to all the progress they’ve made and how much better things are. Yes, they’ve made progress and things are better – but this was just as much (or more) due to black people’s efforts as theirs. Yes, you still owe us a tremendous balance.

White people! YOU are the problem. YOU stand in the way of progress, of ending racism.

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It’s almost funny when white people say they’re sick and tired of hearing about race and racism. Guess what? So are black people. The difference is that most people of colour think or talk about race almost every day… because we have to in order to survive; whether in universities, city streets or the corporate workplace.

No, not “everything is about race”. If you’re white and feeling that way, it’s probably because black people and other groups of colour are feeling more and more safe enough to speak up, and you’re getting a glimpse – a tiny glimpse – of what it’s been like to be them for hundreds of years in a way they can’t ever escape.

Maybe you’re afraid that black people are telling the truth. That their experience is real, that maybe you aren’t who you say you are.

Why isn’t black people’s experience enough evidence in itself that you have a problem? Do you not believe black South Africans because their experience isn’t yours? Because you think they’re making it up? Because it’s unflattering? Inconvenient? Maybe you’re not hearing us because we’re black?

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How terrified you must be. This fear is further evidence that you know you owe us a debt.

When people test their unconscious biases, they usually carry negative, unconscious biases against black people. We know that black people aren’t given a fair shake or treated equally. And yet you’re unwilling to give anything to balance it out, crying unfairness. How dare YOU!

Black people as a group aren’t any more saintly than white people. Yes, there are blacks who “play the race card”, maybe even “race bait”. They are a minority. Their actions and voices tarnish, but do not diminish the truth that nothing in white people’s experience comes close to the suffering of black people, and you white people owe black people a tremendous debt – still unpaid.

Our actions are in response to racism, not the cause. They are ways individuals are making tiny moves to right the wrongs you have inflicted.

And since when does someone need to be blameless to receive justice? If that were true, none of us ever would.

Being the beneficiaries of racism doesn’t make things all hunky-dory. I have yet to meet a white person who felt their life was all peachy. This is why so many of you resist the notion that you have race privilege.

But imagine just how much less peachy your lives would feel if you didn’t have white skin. Imagine your presence, competence, and intelligence being constantly questioned – before you even open your mouth to speak, or even before you show up in person. Imagine being constantly watched by store owners and stopped by police and security guards. Imagine carrying the visible mark of your slave heritage everywhere you go.

Only blacks (and other people of colour) experience racism: the systematic distribution of resources, power and opportunity in our society to the benefit of people who are white and the exclusion of people of colour.

The chickens have come home to roost, Good White People. Now is the reckoning. You’ve been paying the debt down, but you still owe us.

The fact you didn’t incur this debt and you aren’t personally guilty is irrelevant. Your system isn’t built on that principle. If my grandfather dies and leaves behind an outstanding debt, it doesn’t just go away – my father gets it. If he doesn’t pay it off, I inherit the debt. Someone always pays for debts and  being beneficiaries of slavery and racism makes you co-signers. Bummer.

You’ve inherited this debt. Here’s how you pay it down:

  • You must apologise. Because of Mandela, you got forgiven without ever apologising.
  • You must ensure legislation designed to even the playing field stays in place and is improved. You can talk about everyone being treated fairly regardless of colour once you’ve made that a reality by correcting the tilt in the playing field.
  • You must hold your own accountable. It’s not really your job as a white person to call out a black person’s self-hatred, internalised oppression, “playing the race card” or “race baiting”. Black people can self-regulate and help their own come correct. Not holding your own accountable damages your integrity and your cause. And so it’s your job to hold white people, especially elected officials and public servants accountable for what they say and don’t say, what they do and don’t do, and what policies and programmes they get behind.
  • You must look slavery and racism squarely in the eye. Use your unearned privilege, built on the bedrock of millions of slaves you have yet to acknowledge, much less thank, to insist on true and complete equity for those who need it most, and the descendants of those your ancestors abused. You don’t need Afriforum, you don’t need to dismantle programs or policies that give Africans a leg up – you got a 500+ -year head start on us!
  • You must address the triple threat that Martin Luther King identified – racism, poverty and militarisation. You are part of the problem.

That’s your debt, your bill due and payable. Sounds difficult? Scary? Unfair?

How dare you! Nothing in white people’s experience comes close to the suffering of black people. Nothing. And you inflicted this suffering upon us. These actions are the very least you can do.

Tired of hearing about race and racism? Then make it stop damn it.

This opinion was originally received as a comment on a previous article Black students don’t matter at NWU-Pukke“. It has been edited for length.

* This article originally stated that slavery in South Africa ended officially in 1865. It ended in 1838. This has been corrected.

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Mogomotsi Sebaetse. Street Psychologist. Pan-Africanist, Humanist. Blogger. www.ofcourseisaidit.wordpress.com


  1. When the Egyptians were black they enslaved Jews for 400 years and never ones did they get any debt paid.

    The us government gave black people 40 acres and a mule which is actually a huge deal back then. I’m sorry if you did not learn this.

    Also blacks use food stamps and government assistance then any other race, this is fact. And most taxes are paid by white people. Your debt is continually paid. When does it ever end?

    • Really, any evidence for the jews being slaves in Egypt? The pyramids were built be skilled labor not slaves as the buy bull describes…

      Ignorance is not an excuse…

    • absolutely everything you said after 400 years is complete and total bullshit.

      Black people were NEVER given restitution. Blacks that actually owned land had there crop growth restricted, burned down and chased off of their property or hung from the trees for defending it.

      Whites are on more government assistance programs then all minorities COMBINED. Including but not limited to; food stamps, housing, and utility assistance.

      After slavery the prison system become even more corrupt so that once again they could get their slave labor. Only they don’t call it slave labor because they get paid .08 cents. And they brainwashed people into thinking it was ok because they were criminals. However they illegally held blacks without due process. They ignored evidence of innocence and they do whatever they can to make sure black people don’t get “too uppity”. Including dropping bombs on their own country because blacks became too successful.

      Keep trying to whitewash history and distort facts.

      • Response to Dee (and those who believe what she believes)

        You LIE and you should be ashamed. The VAST Majority of robbery abuse murder against one race by another race is done by BLACKS against Whites. The VAST Majority of RAPE by one race against another is by BLACKS against Whites. How dare you LIE to the Public. Do you think That GOD is ignorant of your Lies.

        There is nothing the Whites of Today owe any person of any color on the face of this planet.
        We are all children of God and what is expected and our Duty before God is to treat one another as we desire others to Treat Us. The Royal Law is Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
        Jesus Christ was white – He was the Son of God – also White. And all men of every color and language
        were invited by Christ to come unto Him. He was not a racist. And He most certainly would denounce
        the attitude of fierce hatred against whites that so many Blacks have — and have had since the days of Adam and Eve when the first black man Cain walked the earth.
        HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN What The God of This Earth Commanded? Read:
        “Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you; do ye even so unto them”
        Do you think your animosity and misplaced ‘Enmity’ against Whites is justified by The God of This Earth?
        It is Not.
        No white man owes any black man anything. Period!
        We need to end this absurd and ugly LIE that Whites have any burning need drive desire or dream
        of hurting enslaving denigrating or in any way making life a misery for Blacks.
        Who raised the black children of today? Where are the Black fathers for the last 5 Generations.
        Too many have left the home and the mothers of their children.
        Too many have broken the law by selfishness and wanton pride and greed.
        I believe that every black boy and girl want to have a mommy and a daddy to be their loving parents
        Don’t you? Where are the Brave and Lovely Heroes in the Black Societies, neighborhoods; and families that are promoting black men to ONLY have sex with the black woman they marry —
        and to STAY HOME and love their wife and love the children they bring forth by sexual intercourse with ONLY their wife to whom they are to marry hold dear and financially and spiritually support.
        WHERE are the Blacks on the Black Family? WHY do not the wonderful men and women of color Not Speak about building up loving faithful Black Families?
        AND WHY are you supporting the growing sense of Civil Revolution that can only lead to the ugliness of War between Races??? Do you really want WAR with your own brothers and sisters that God sent you here on earth to live with? Does GOD Command you to kill your brothers and sisters? NO
        He has only commanded us to fight to defend our lives and children when we are attacked
        YET Constantly we hear and read the constant vituperation by Black men and women against the Whites.
        ARE you so forgetful and so lacking in memory to know that in the united STATES of America
        Those creeps and disgusting slavers who brought that ugly practice that was rampant in Africa
        where Blacks took other blacks by force into Slavery and then sold them to the Ships of bloodthirsty men that transported them around the world to the lowest life forms that made slaves of men and women?
        The Blacks sold their other blacks into Slavery. Have you forgotten that.
        There was a Civil War right here in The Promised Land. The Land Jesus Christ blessed to have
        for all men to live in FREEDOM and in Peace and to be able to Worship the very God of This Land
        Jesus Christ.
        And Yet you have not thankful heart that those many you despise have forefathers that freed
        the oppressed and enslaved blacks!! That is a Fact. The Civil War ENDED SLAVERY
        Abraham Lincoln a white man- ENDED SLAVERY
        And the only people talking about a slavery that does not exist here
        Are The Blacks who should be thankful and changing their lives
        to have the blessing and glory that is your potential as sons and daughters of a Loving God.

    • just ignore them. they are retarded.let mother nature abort them…the more they rage and lie the more we ignore them..and their birthrate will go down when they realize….that they have to stop breeding….the ONLY thing whites pay dearly for is that we ever did care..
      severe sorrow and repentance for caring about them is now taking hold.. and that’s what they now feel.. so they come up with all this to get more STUFF from us.. same ole same ole..SOULLESS creatures.. they want food and clothes not love.. that’s the definition of a parasite… even a PET gives love..

      • Nature needs to abort the negro. Filthy, lazy and shiftless only when the ferel negro is eliminated, we can as a society move forward.

    • It will never end. Blacks will play the race card for the next 10,000 years if they think every white who never owned a slave will empty their wallets every time a black cries slavery. The very word slave means “white people*. It come from the slavic word slav. Whites are paying big time. Acoording to the FBI race crime data base there are 20,000 to 30,000 white women raped and sexually assaulted by black men every year in america. There are no reports of white men raping african negro women.
      Blacks ruled Egypt from about 6000 BC to 4000BC and conquered and enslaved all races. Nimrod, the black world ruler that ruled the whole world in ancient times was the most evil man that ever lived. The black man Nimrod indulged his world power by launching excesses and horrors which have never been equalled. Ever since
      the time of Nimrod, Babylon has been the symbol of depravity and lust. Nimrod also introduced the practice of genocide to the world. His grandfather, Ham, having consorted with other races, and brought children of mixed race into the world, was persuaded by his consort, the evil Naamah, to practice ritual murder and cannibalism. She informed Ham that by killing and eating fair-skinned people, his descendants could regain their superior qualities. Throughout the ensuing centuries, the fair skinned descendants of Shem, Noah’s oldest son, have ritually been slaughtered by the darker descendants of Ham and Nimrod, in the world’s most persistent campaign of racial and religious persecution. Not only did Nimrod kill and eat the fair-skinned descendants of Shem, in his fury and hatred he often burned them alive. The type of human sacrifice involving the eating of the slaughtered human victims derived its name from the combined names of his Negro uncle, Canaan, and the demon god Baal, the two names being combined to form the word “cannibal.”

    • The only thing owed is our love for one another and faith in the Lord. I don’t care if you’re white, black, Hispanic, or Indian(who were done worse than any race in american history), We are all children of God and should act like it. Money and gratuities can not erase the pain and shame that we have dealt to one another. Before ppl start talking wha

      t race put what race in slavery, remember the words of Jesus and the teachings of Paul. Jesus, our Lord and savior, suffered more than any single man, woman, or child and done so for us. Stop fighting each other and start loving instead. Black lives do matter, but so does all lives.

  2. Number 1. Dillion nowhere in the history of the Egyptian nor the Jews does that so-called slavery appear. Incidentally it only appears in your bibles. Its common knowledge that the best preserved history in the world is the Egyptians meaning everything from the beginning of their existence is well documented. So where do you get that lie? It has been repeatedly proven that the Jews have never been to Egypt during the times the supposed events took place as mentioned in your bible. Infact it was proven that the Egypt described in the bible i.e. The cultures, landscapes, customs, events were really a mention of Arabia(now known as Yemen) and another free provable fact(just for the fun of it) the word “Pharaoh” didn’t exist in the Egyptian vocab until the wide acceptance of your bible.

    Number 2. Not even a single Black American was ever given an acre and a mule up to this day. Infact if you google now you will find that there’s even a lawsuit in regards with that. It was a promise never kept. Not even an apology was offered. The white America even had the audacity to ONLY OFFICIALLY apologize to the Japanese. Not the blacks. Never the blacks.

    Number 3. Blacks in America are a mere 12% so if you say 40% of blacks use food stamp then that’s 30% of the 12% not the overall population so if have to compare it to the actual American population it will be somewhere around 4-5%(somewhere that low, you not worth me making correct calculations). And if you were actually referring to what we call grants in South Africa then we go back to your history as oppressors. Don’t you think if for 500+ years I had the same opportunities as you I.e. Jobs, housing, education, political and legal representation and economic inclusion I wouldn’t be needing grants now? Would I be needing B.E.Es now if you played fair from the beginning? Would Affirmative action be needed?

    How dare you try to reason with rumours?

    • If white people are the reason for Black peoples suffering – why is the whole upper africa useless where no white people are !

      Hahaha ill dare you before the white man came you used to shit in a bush and used your hand to wipe your ass.

    • Get your history right , pleeease , no land were stolen.
      With the Great Trek the boers met the blacks at the Fis and Kei Rivers. Thus the first people in Cape where strandlopers not black people, Fis and kei rivers are very far from Cape of Good Hope now Cape town.

      The boers did by land from black people some transactions went smooth others like Piet Retief where murdered by the land owners.

      But lets not debate about facts that always will be denied. Lets see what did white people brougt to Afric and what the black love. Wigs , Whiskey , Buildings , Toilets , Guns , Tar Roads , Toilet Paper , The weel , Shoes , Cloths not made of animal skin, vegetables , corn , wheat , beer , clock , medicine , boats , etc etc etc etc etc. Just take a look at this link.


      Black People Owe The Whites Evertthing and mutch more !!!

      • But who says that black people needed all those things. No one asked for any of that. Black people were doing just fine before you came with all those unnecessary things.

        • Yet I dare you to show me what a ‘status item’ is in the black culture!?

          I can name them… Car, shoes, watches, wigs… Just to name a few. It use to be cattle & wives.

          No offense intended here but if the white man gave you all those things you don’t need, why for the love of squirrels are you using “white man” goods to show your status as a “black man”?

          Now offense is intended, go read what Ghandi had to say about black people… Then you tell me what your culture is & how much better you are than everyone else!? Barbarian isn’t the word to describe blacks… Primitive is the word you should be looking up.

        • I’d love to see any of them live without these things, and go back to a stone-age existence! That would be good entertainment!

    • Aaaaarg Mogomotsi get over yourselves! Yes you and all the blacks in the world! Even though you call that bible ours doesn’t make you as or more intelligent than the whites. In that very Bible it gives us the reason why there are blacks and also what their purpose will be, to be of service to their non-black brothers. And yes, you built railway tracks, buildings, worked farms etc etc but that is because the white TOLD you to do so and HOW to do it. You actually DID what was expected from you back then!
      But now, with human rights in place and blacks actually trying to lead and plan and build just like their white counterparts, it seems like everything is going the African way (worker mentality) and it’s expected from whites to take the blame for your tribes not being able to reach the same standard as them.
      You are ALL lost with a few exceptions here and there I must say, because there are some who has seen the light.
      For as long as black RULE there will be chaos, bringing the country they host down to an absolute nill.
      I really pity you people

  3. Firstly, I don’t mean to be pedantic nor do I mean this as a comment on the intention of this piece, but I hope you realize that this post and by extension the comment which inspired it are lifted straight from the below link with a few pronouns and sentences altered to make it relevant. I hope the author gets recognition for this at some point


    Secondly, I would like to say that for the most part I do agree with the points made by this article. We live in an era of post-modernity where everything is fair game to be deconstructed. If we can deconstruct religion, gender, sexuality etc. then why not race?

    I suppose we’re faced with too many inconvenient and close-to-home truths to handle.

    White denialism, especially on the behalf of my fellow white South Africans, only makes things worse. I suppose our previous generation failed to recognize as a collective that they screwed up and thus never attempted to rectify their wrongs and change the system for the better. This responsibility they passed on to the government, instead riding out on the “Get-Out-of-Jail-Free”-card Mandela provided them. So I guess our current generation of post-94’s never were born free. The blood was only passed on, though unwittingly. The pervading sense of millennial entitlement only further consolidates this ignorance. And the more the cry for an equal society is heard, the more we cast our eyes away.

    This, I fear, may have serious repercussions.

    Or maybe necessary ones.

    Maybe a serious catastrophe like a civil war is what South Africa needs right now. Maybe it needs to burn. Maybe the streets need to flow red with the blood of the youth of the ‘Rainbow Nation’. Maybe bodies of both black and white need to litter the streets. Let each side decimate the other, only then can we be convinced of our humanity and walk hand in hand to a brighter future where no culture is greater than the other.

    I’d hate to see that happen. I really do. There is no good reason to fight in a case such as this. “Why am I fighting?”. Is it merely because of racial differences? Am I standing my ground? Am I enacting revenge? And in the aftermath, if Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are models to go by, it only takes one charismatic, conniving ‘leader’ to captivate the minds of the masses and f*ck us over even more

    However this is only an acknowledgement of a possible outcome, one that is frighteningly more real than most would care to admit.

    In conclusion to this rather aimless meandering: we, just like the Germans, are responsible for the pain and suffering of a major group of people thanks to what we perceived as our racial superiority. But we, unlike the Germans, don’t want to swallow our pride and put in the effort to work together with our fellow citizens towards the greater good, towards true reconciliation. Not starting with guilt, but rather acknowledging the failure of our parents to rectify their wrongs and move on from there. THAT is the most difficult part.

    Hopefully through this we can achieve our fabled Rainbow Nation; home to all. Not the farce we currently reside in.


    • Deconstruct gender, religion… Where in this world have men paid and thanked women for centuries of abuse? Where in this world have religious parties thanked and apologised to others? My ancestors were chased out of Europe due to religion. Slavery is more prevalent today than ever, sex slaves for men. Inequality in pay because a woman can give birth.. regardless of how hard women work.

      What about the Greeks, the Romans, the Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, Europeans, Africans. Technology was built on the backs of others. Still is. Does it make it right, no.
      Can we change the past. No.
      To say that my forefathers knew nothing of suffering is as ignorant as some of the comments on this page.
      Give me the name of ONE nation who didn’t take from others to advance themselves. Its how the world did it. Black against black, white against white against black and so the cycle continues. Its not really about race. Its about resources. Its always about resources. People just hide behind levels of importance. ‘I can take from you because I am more’.
      Even the black tribes of SA are from upper Africa. The only true indigenous people are the San. Everyone fights each other and exploits for self gain. That is human nature. Where do we draw the line? Are we all going to chase hundreds of years in the past to get justice or are we taking hands and learning from mistakes. Can we just stop the cycle of “I am better than…” Stop living in the past. Don’t be controlled by a memory, all we have is now.

  4. Josh although well meaning that is please verify your facts next time. If you check my blog http://www.ofcourseisaidit.wordpress.com you will find that I first wrote this letter roughly 2 years ago and the lady you mentioned above actually picked it up there. Hers was published this year, January, with my permission that is. Do I need to email you snapshots of our conversations?

    • No, that won’t be necessary. I had only chanced upon the piece written by ms. Rinderle before I read this. The similarities were very very close, so naturally, in the interest of avoiding possible plagiarism, I pointed it out. I wasn’t aware that you had originally written this article before it was reposted. My mistake.

      • No problem. Josh after reading your comment further I realized in the haste of proving my legitimacy I ignored your points. Now after reading I can only wish your compatriots could have the same mindset as you. Coz until all sides understand and accept the reality can we move on as a society.

        We can stop dealing with consequences and start focusing on the underlying caused. Why are farmers killed? Why are cars hijacked? Why are houses broke into? You don’t do crime because you have mostly what you need. You don’t need to feed a family of 7 while unemployed and unemployable because you left school to fulfill such. You don’t need to keep getting drunk everyday if you don’t have the poverty demons always in your ears. You won’t have to get pregnant at a very early age because you won’t need to please a boy promising to provide a future with no hunger and suffering. Causes not consequences.

        Otherwise 100 years later we will still be like this and maybe even far worse. Yes we will get to a point were we kill each other(black vs whites, blacks vs blacks) but after all the blood loss what has zambia accomplished? What of other african countries?

        Most whites were born here so where would they run to? Australia? Britain? Then what? What will you be really leaving behind?

        Emotions aside, money aside. Now its the time we all owned up to the causes of this mess we in.

        • What you need to understand, though, Mogomotsi, is that all this violence you mentioned (hijackings, farm murders, etc.), be they motivated by an attempt to defy an unfair system or otherwise, fans the flames of white denialism. Even if the violence is not racially motivated, it’s immediately interpreted as an attack on whiteness by us white folks. It pertains to the concept of ‘white fragility’ mentioned in your post: where we know that we owe something to black people but are too scared to admit it. I saw this phenonena in the Free State

          • …where I grew up and matriculated. (Sorry, accidentally hit post before finishing). After Mandela’s death, a lot of white people I know were already gearing up for the apocalypse, believing that they had lost their ‘Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Card. This threat of retribution we perceive immediately translates into apathy towards the actual issues facing black people (poverty, illiteracy, unemployment etc.) which in turn is perceived by black people as white people not wanting to have anything to do with their problems and turning a blind eye. As a result, more violence ensues, more of it’s interpreted as an assault on race, more apathy is sown, more hate is spewed. It’s a vicious cycle, and nobody knows how to break it. Violence cannot be condoned, but simply saying ‘Stop with the violence’ is overly idealistic. It has to come from both sides.

            But then, Mogomotsi, I must caution you on overgeneralising. I came from very similar circumstances as those you described (save for the alcoholism and pregnancy bits). Neither my mother nor father are fully qualified. My mother, with whom I stayed after their divorce, was often unemployed. And the jobs she had in most cases never lasted more than a year. With some, she had to take on extra jobs as well, sometimes juggling three at a time, sacrificing her health for our sake. Though I do admit, we were privileged enough never to hit rock bottom. And even though I worked hard throughout school to ensure a bursary at the tertiary institute of my choosing, I’ll readily admit that I was given opportunities not afforded to others. Yet it is because of my own personal circumstances that I feel solidarity with a lot of the dialogue on racial privilege making the rounds in current discourse. Don’t forget that there are white people willing to ‘Luister’ but in the same way you don’t want them to trivialize your own experience, so you should not trivialize theirs. In most cases, that’s the reason why they actually ARE willing to listen.

        • What blacks needs is education, where many don’t care, unlike what you profess
          You don’t get what you want by not working for it… PERIOD.

          I’m a poor white just like your racist ass… but I have hope
          Tho I will not turn to thievery, racism or crime to get there
          Education to blacks is free… best you guys use its opportunity

          Stop feeling sorry for yourself… you are not an extinct race
          Maybe your culture should stop having more babies/mouths than you can afford to feed… it is not fair on THEM.. so stop blaming whites.. you made them.. not us.. but expect us to feed them ?

          If we can control our money (working for it), sexual urges (planned kids) and being non-racial in a new SA (not thinking someone owes us dues)… then so CAN YOU… else you are going to stay where you are… BEHIND

          • Tony stop with the name-calling. What you need to understand is the fact that your people got a head start by climbing on the shoulders of African people. There is no feeling sorry when we talk about it. We must happily talk about the Anglo-Boer , Voortrekker wars and white history, but when we talk about apartheid and black history “we are feeling sorry for ourselves”?

            Also both races need an education, going to school, matriculating and going to a tertiary institution is not enough education. Most of the time black people have to leave school to fend for their families or they just don’t have enough money to go to school. Those who estay in school and matriculate usually struggle to get into a tertiary institution. Those who do, have to constantly prove themselves by staying and graduating. Those who graduate have to prove that they are intelligent and got the job not because of “affirmative action”. So don’t talk about education if you do not want to admit why there is lack of it.

            The main reason many teenagers opt to have babies is because of the few rands that come with the social grant. Trust me it is not only white people who get heavily taxed to fund for such, but white people are the ones who bleat the most about it, and why?

            You can not talk about controlling money when the pie is not cut evenly and some get bigger pieces of the pie while others don’t get anything. Even if you grew up poor, you do know that there are some privileges you will always get because of who you are. You are more likely to be accepted for into a tertiary institution or get a job you do not fully qualify for.

            We are not saying you are guilty and you must die, but at least admit it. Do not cringe when people talk about racism, there is no getting over something like that in just 20 years. When we talk about history, it is a way of healing.

        • You my dear sir, need to get your ducks in a row.

          As you have generalised in your article so will I.

          For your reference, I am one of the white people, I have black friends, I help the needy and work my ass of to do so.

          Why have seven children when you cannot feed them?

          From your viewpoint, we should all then start stealing and killing to get what we need.

          I have had a hard life, but I managed to pull myself together and make something of it. What’s my excuse? I had NONE. Not because there wasn’t anything or anyone to blame but simply because I decided I will make it work. What’s your excuse?

          PLENTY. It hurts my head reading all your ignorant excuses.

          WAKE UP. You want officials to do what they say they will, you want legislation, you want change?

          Then ask your black corrupt government to do it.

          White people are not discriminated against?

          That must be the best one liner I have read. Laughed for days.

          Wake up son. Get the facts.

          You are the epitome of discrimination.

          Go cry to your black brothers and sisters.

          Get off the white social media and news channels.

          Stop using white technology. Go stay in a hut.

          You black South Africans had no economic system when we arrived. Not even a damn wheel.

          Where were you going to go without wheels?

          This is WHY you did the labour. Because without us there still would be no roads, no farms.

          Look at the mess that is black Africa.

          It breaks my heart to hear of children dying of hunger and thirst.

          Did you know Nkandla has got one of the poorest squatter camps in SA?

          Why didn’t your black president help them.

          You blacks owe each other a debt but please leave us whites out of it.

          I am not condoning Apartheid but do you want to know how many blacks have told me they had better lives back then?

          You voted in a greedy and corrupt government and thought you would get ‘white’ privelages overnight.

          Haha. Jokes on you. Your black government does not care about you.

          They drive their fancy cars and live in their big houses, they eat thousands worth of food in one small meeting.

          And guess whay? They hire us white people as freelancers and contractors to do the work you black people still can’t do.

          And don’t tell me it is because of white supremacy. I am 20 years the junior of many of these black people, they have studied, I couldn’t (no money, can you even?) they hold major positions, I have worked for myself since early 20s. Still they hire me to do the black persons job. And not only government. Big black owned companies.

          Because you don’t want to do the work. You only want to receive.

          Well son, that’s not how this world works.

          So murder the whites, steal from us, rob our cars, rape our women.

          We will still come out on top. Because that is what we Afrikaaners are. We are SURVIVORS and VICTORS.

          And you can’t handle that.

          Stop with your pitty arguments. Go out there and change the world.

          If black people can self regulate, why the hell do you need us? Why do you need our legislation, our intellectual property, our apologies?

          Go self regulate. Go help yourself. Stop complaining. And please, stop contradicting yourself.

          I am not sorry. I did not enforce apartheid. I was not part of it.

          Are you sorry that your black boetie robbed my dad while he was getting measurements to build RDP houses?

          Are you sorry that a black person tried to rob my car?

          Are you sorry that a black person broke into.my house, not once but 5 times? Stole things I worked for? Are you sorry that a black perso attacked my partner for no reason other tha him being white and offering them food?

          They threw rocks at him. He went to the doctor and then brought them money to buy food.

          How ignorant of us whites to want to help.

          Clearly you don’t want it.

          So go self regulate. Go fight your own battles.

          Just please, for the sake of generalisations, leave us white people alone.

  5. Firstly, I would like to say that I respect your viewpoint and thank you for sharing it with the world.

    I can understand that people who have been mistreated want justice. I cannot understand what the mistreatment was like, because I cannot walk in another person’s shoes. Here are my thoughts.

    I’m a white South African, but I would prefer to identify myself as a South African rather than a white guy. I love my country and its people. Some people who share a skin type of the same shade as mine did despicable things to people of colour over the past few centuries and I am truly sorry that people had to experience that. I cannot take responsibility for them because never in my darkest dreams would I want to oppress people in any way.

    I want the best for South Africa. I don’t believe marginalising a group is a way of uplifting another group. South Africa needs to empower the previously oppressed. We need to work together. Not fight each other. If South Africans are suffering and are marginalised it is not my duty as a white guy to assist people out of guilt. It is my duty as a South African to assist them with pride in knowing that they are a fellow human being and they deserve the same dignity that I afford myself. I should assist them irrespective of there colour, gender, sexual orientation or religion, because that is the right thing to do. A person is only a person through other people.

    • Jason, as a white guy (like me), you are automatically privileged. So if you truly believe in equality, it _is_ your duty as a white guy to assist people. If you don’t you’re accepting an unfair advantage. You’re benefiting from a system that oppresses and discriminates on your behalf. You might not be deliberately enforcing it, but it happens nonetheless. Until you work against it you are contributing to its perpetuation. And hence you are guilty. I’m not saying this to slap you down – it’s nice to see somebody on the same journey as me, trying to unlearn all the crap that white culture imbibes us with – I’m saying it in the hope that you benefit from the same lessons that I have learned, that you cannot be independent and disinterested when you are a part of a biased system from which you cannot escape. All the best.

      • Seriously.. you are saying because of apartheid I am better off, thus owe blacks ?
        I didn’t introduce it, support it, but voted it out the 1st chance afforded to us.

        You tell a white child today, upon being born into a white house they’re privileged ?
        You might be right… but only in the sense that 80% of the time they were planned or the parents can afford another child.

        As soon as you take out that equation… and they are to try get ahead in SA today on their own… there is no way in hell they will be better off under a BEEeeEE state, and with corruption, its EVEN WORSE

        You white guys might be better off or rich… but there are PLENTY white people (just like me) who fight day by day to make a better living for our families

        We don’t have DSTV, latest Cellphones, etc.. like you or millions of blacks
        We don’t drive or own fancy cars.. like you or 10’s of thousands of blacks
        We are often overcrowded in houses of someone/family who has one
        No need to carry on… too much to post

        But you can sure as hell know.. I owe nothing to blacks.. or whites
        Except civility, common respect & non-racism.. as fellow human beings

      • what about all the Asians living in peace and prosperity in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Low crime, good education, why don’t they owe the poor people anything, from their safe comfortable position? How about Sweden or Norway, living in clean, productive societies, how come it’s not their problem to come rescue the indigent?

  6. Blacks are dependent on whites. They NEED to feel whites do their bidding, to give apologies, compensation and to affirm blacks as being in control of their fate. But this will not happen. Whites don’t need blacks to do anything to earn their approval. They’re the masters of their own destiny, and will never be coerced or shamed or threatened or begged to change their self-reliance. You might as well swallow that rat.

  7. When I stayed at the Parktonian Hotel in Johannesburg last year I learned that the black, white and coloured receptionists were ALL getting the same shit salary. Yet look at how many new black millionaires have been created in the last 20 years. A racist white government has been replaced by a black one that hasn’t helped ordinary people much either whilst building big houses with swimming pools. Ever read Animal Farm Sir? U should read that instead of the militant blacktivism in America that’s corrupting a lot of good Africans at present.

  8. You might be forgetting that the Africans sold African slaves to the Dutch and Muslim traders.

    Keep in mind that still to this day Africans steal Africans and white people and sell them into slavery either to other African or Muslim people.

    Not to meantion the scots and Irish that were treated just as bad if not worse or the endentured servants.

    Only difference is whites stopped slavery, blacks didn’t.

    As for Africans actually go out and meet some, the fella I used to work with from Africa hates the privileged American Africans because your spoiled and full of yourself and don’t know what real suffering is.

    Keep pretending though and chain yourself with your own invisible shackles.

    You are your own slave master.

  9. While I can appreciate your perspective, I find your argument grossly flawed. Let’s begin historically. Since the beginning of time man has been a predatory species. If one was stronger than another wants were taken. Black, white, red, or yellow it didn’t matter. If you were weak, you were conquered. Race was not the issue. Strength was and in cases today still are. In Africa, warring tribes conquered each other, took slaves, absorbed culture, and took land. Of course it didn’t just happen in Africa. It occurred everywhere. As time went by the desire to expand holdings increased with the ability to travel. Do not try to hold me responsible for Africa’s inability to travel and expand their domain. As many of my Black associates have pointed out to me. The Black race has a rich history of language and invention. As far as slavery goes. It is not an exclusive white culture. African Tribes were noted for taking slaves as often as the Greeks. I hope you will excuse the generalization if I intermix Black with African. I do this because this is how your writing seems to talk only about Black Africans and then jumps Blacks to slaves in the US. That will be the extent of my apologies. Should I apologize for the slave trade? No. Your ancestors are as guilty as mine for slavery. Again go back to your history. It is obvious. You don’t even have to dig deep. Every culture has had slavery in one form or another. Was it right? No. Do I condone it? No again. Am I responsible for it? Again no. Were my white European ancestors? No. No more than your black ones. The United States in its short history has done more to end slavery than any other culture with its short life span. Do you recognize that? No. Why? It doesn’t advance your agenda. I am not willing to continue to acknowledge a debt to the Black Citizens of the world. In the US every effort has been made to educate, employ, and give Black Americans an equal footing I think that it’s safe to say that I can use the baseline of 1776-1865 as official legal slavery. Let’s call that 90 years. I know it’s actually 89 but what’s a year when you are talking about almost a century. Reparations began in 1866 and continue to this writing in 2015. My primitive math skills say 149 years of “debt service”. I think that’s more than enough. So move on. Instead of griping about the past excel into the future. Apologizing for me is over. Yes by your definition I am a racist. I am beyond caring what you call me.

  10. Hahahaha. Haaaaahahaha. This is rich. This is welfare mentality at it’s best. What you now have is a section of ignorant people who blame their shortcomings in someone else. You have a sect of people who have been given a voice due to political correctness nonsense, and the mass emasculation of white people.

    So let me be one of those white men who tell you that your section 8 mentality will get you nowhere. Blacks have access to everything whites do, and more. You can even be ignorant in public. However, not one person owes you a thing. Matter of fact, child; you owe the world and judging by this irrational article; you are failing. But failing is what you do. Now go blame someone else for your failures and lack of measuring up to the standards of a high paying job. It’s easier to do than to work hard and obtain something. Look at Dr. Ben Carson. Start looking up to a man like that, instead of a entertainment star or a rapper. Teach your children to work hard at life, and to persevere and people will be ignorant. They will write articles on how you owe them. But teach them to be better than this nonsense. Teach them biblical principles. Every black person I know is successful because they work hard and blame zero people for their failure.

    I bet you got some form of college education benefits because of your ethnicity. You probably even revieved benefits whilst going to school. Is it that ignorant Howard University that pays your people to actually graduate? Seems you have a lazy problem in your ethnicity, in your children that daily shame the great civil rights activists. You shame them. You are too ignorant to feel bad,so I feel bad on your behalf. Martin Luther King Jr did not die for your ignorance. Jessie Jackson lived for it. Al Sharpton lives for it. Stop making them proud.

  11. You probably don’t know how stupid your ancestors were your tribal chief sold your dumb ass to the slave traders..maybe you should look there for them for your restitution.then you can give back your mule.oh that’s right you don’t have to work.?

  12. Yeah well fuck you you useless sack of shit. Wtf is as “street psychologist” ? “Humanist”? Really? Qualified from the university of life?
    You are the epitome of what is wrong with your race. You have a black government that economically ruining the country and yet, you blame the whites. You really are a special kind of stupid yeah?

  13. “Nothing in white people’s experience comes close to the suffering of black people. Nothing. And you inflicted this suffering upon us. You white people owe us black people a tremendous debt – still unpaid.”

    Ignorace galore. The “suffering” of black people existed centuries before a white man ever set foot on this continent.
    When the white man came, with his progressive and thriving lifestyle, black people started to compare their lifestyle to European lifestyle and claimed that it was “racism’s” fault that inequality existed.

    Nevertheless, the white man, who never “owed” the black man anything, raised the black life expectancy tremendously, lowered the black IMR, built black schools, universities, hospitals – all at the expense of the WHITE taxpayer. If anyone is in debt, it definitely is not white people.

    By the way – Ethiopia and Liberia were the only countries never colonized. Today, they are worst off.

  14. I have often asked what black people actually want from us. I did not vote for apartheid. My forefathers did. I voted for change in the referendum in the early 80s. Voted for NM to be released. Voted for democracy. I did get a great education because I was white. I cannot give it back!!!!! I do live a privileged life because of it. I cannot undo what I have learnt. Whites HAVE apologized. Whites have acknowledged the wrong of apartheid. You tell me what we can do to make a REAL ACTUAL difference and I bet we will rally behind it. As long as it does not entail us giving up all we have and giving it away. We all want to fix the shit we find ourselves in. BADLY. We want a country where our kids and grandkids don’t have to fear for their jobs and fear for their lives every f’n day. Come up with something pragmatic and workable and you willbe AMAZED at what we can achieve.

  15. This goes way past slave trading, and slave owning. After hundreds of years of slavery we then suffered through Years of segregation. As if once again whites are better than us. I don’t blame white people at all. My ancestors shouldn’t have let this happen, we are beautiful strong intelligent people. With that said, I feel like some white people idea of an apology is adapting to our way of life, style, music, everything else!!!Even if a debt was owed, I don’t want shit from no corrupted evil ass people. Keep everything y’all have stolen just give us US back.

    • Oh shame… how hard it must have been for you people to be separated from the evil white man that you don’t want to be near anyway unless he is giving out free things…

      And as for intelligent? So smart that you sold off stuff for a few beads and a mirror? Walked over wealth in gold and diamonds and never even picked one up? How intelligent and forward thinking you lot were…

      Go back to the bush with your loincloths and spears and hunt for your dinner… no more frozen food cooked on an electric stove in a house built of materials brought by the white man…

    • Loso, I fail to see how the white race could be held accountable for corruption when in everyday news its is in fact black politicians, black cops, black security firms even black owned mines, black children charities the list goes on and on. you want the US? is it not westernization that built the US? is it not what your fighting against? now you want the whole country? is Africa not your heritage and mother land that has been deemed where all black people are from? how exactly did the US steal from you? did you suffer during the slavery trading period? did you go through apartheid? these are all questions that you raise when you talk about today’s day and age. we as white people are not oppressing you. we are not opposing black economic empowerment, we do not hold you back. you as a black man today have more rights then a white man. give you back the US? is barrack Obama not black? i think you should rephrase your comment as it really contradicts facts. i know i am talking out of context here and i mean to offend anyone but come on open your eye’s to reality and embrace what this world has to offer your holding your self back with constant hatred for something that no longer exists.

    • After hundreds of years of slavery we then suffered through Years of segregation. Now let me firstly ask you…..when ever were blacks enslaved in South Africa? Never of course and if you knew our history you would have known this not to be true. Years of segregation….mmmmm yes there were segregation and it was a rather flimsy effort of whites to try and protect them from black atrocities…..whites have been attacked and killed for 364 years ….continuously and it has not stopped. Segregation was not about whites seeing themselves as better or about oppressing blacks….During the “struggle” the ANC fabricated history to achieve their goal. They achieved it….total power was their goal and the demonizing of whites continue with old lies. Some time ago I spoke to a black guy and he claimed that whites got houses cars and electricity for nothing…..that is the extend of the lies. Know your history tHe reAL HISTORY. bEFORE WHITES CAME HERE there WAS NOTHING….NOT EVEN A WHEEL….so if you have nothing then that is exactly what you would have had …..

  16. Cry all you want. You’re not getting anything that you, personally, don’t work for. The white man hasn’t kept you down and doesn’t owe you a thing. YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANYTHING. You’re an entitle little whiny toad boy and YOU are causing the problems that exist in society today.

    Go ahead. Whine all you want. And when you’ve had enough, go ahead and take up arms against all these “white”, privileged people that you think are your enemy. But, I’ve got a warning for all you whiny “I’m such a repressed black man” types: Once the white man really is your enemy, they’ll wipe you from the face of the earth.

    Good luck.

  17. What do you want from us..?

    Simpering apologies? Reparations? More Affirmative Action? More BEE..? More intellectual slavery? Sex with white women? We’ve given these ingrates all that and more – and we continue giving them and its doesn’t slate their anger and greed for more concessions.

    Isn’t it enough that we handed you on a plate a ready-made country one which blacks on their own could never have never created. The evidence being Haiti (once the richest island in the caribbean) after more than 200 years of “freedom” or Liberia..? The more colonised parts of Africa were the lucky parts of Africa – those which had no white settlers – or very few – are today the poorest.

    “Nothing in white people’s experience comes close to the suffering of black people. Nothing.”

    How about the Black Death which wiped out half Europe’s population..?
    How about freezing winters, crop failures, and famine?
    How about continuous Muslim invasions and a form of enslavement far worse than what Africans endured?
    How about food? Europe didn’t have the benefit of huge herds of game animals or food which could be just plucked from the tree or grew from the rich soil with no cultivation or planning required..?
    How about communism and freezing gulags with its 60 million plus victims?
    How about continent-wide wars the like of which Africa has never experienced?
    And yet, despite all these tribulations and more, we survived, we invented, we explored, we created the greatest works of art, architecture, music, philosophy, the world has known – I could go on forever…..


    To answer my own question above – what he really wants is to whip up racial hatred so that after the resultant genocide he can justify it by saying – “its your fault for not giving us more”.

  18. its just how blacks are. whites who think blacks play by the same rules – fairness, reciprocity, contract agreements – are delusional. The black rule is, kill everybody, take everything. the only way whites can ever fully ‘repay ‘ them is when every last one has been savagely murdered. Then the blacks will turn on each other, rampant killing and cannibalism, just as they had done for 4000 years before the ‘evil white man’ oppressed them.

  19. Hopeless situation. One cannot reason with most black people. they are unable to reason, only fight and threaten.

    They are unable to progress which they have proven throughout Africa, the only continent in the world where the people have not evolved.

  20. We can ship all of you back to Africa and then you can come here on your own free will and get jobs like the blacks that already have jobs here and you can apply for all the stuff white people have, just like the blacks that have already done so. It is called earning your way.

  21. to the white people on this thread: your time is coming. how dare you talk to black people in this manner after all you have done. I spit on you.

    • You are a feisty little racist……But let me ask you when are blacks going to apologize for killing whites the past 364 years ? Whites have been oppressed by blacks and are still even today. Apartheid knew 17 laws ……Now there are 114 laws targeting the white minority which is rather ridiculous. South Africa is the only country in the world that has racist laws to “protect” the masses from the minority…..good heavens what does that mean? Could it be that the majority is incapable? You say to whites ” your time is coming”…..what do you mean by that madam?

      • who are you? where have you been living? apartheid, the racist little republic that stuck institutional racism up our rectums? that one? ooh, you right.

  22. If you can Read buy the Book called “How Long Will South Africa Survive” then you will see the facts how you fucked up the country in 25 years with your corrupt and incompetent leaders!!!!

    • Do you have to resort to bad language to make your point? Or is your point just to puke bad language? Because, you know, you not making sense, big boy.

  23. Black people as a group aren’t any more saintly than white people. Yes, there are blacks who “play the race card”, maybe even “race bait”. They are a minority……Let us start with “a minority” which is absolute nonsense. The majority of blacks play the race card and those that do in fact become racism. If the author of this rubbish knew the history of our country he will know that most of the atrocities against blacks were done by blacks……in fact during apartheid 21 000 people died due to political violence of which 20 500 died by black hands. Shaka Dingaan the wild cat people…..Good heavens go study history………Apartheid was not created to oppress blacks, it was simply an bungled effort to protect whites from blacks. Whites history is a continues history of trying to survive without being destroyed by the black masses…..sad thing is whites have lost……towns and cities are renamed which is ridiculous as there were no towns before whites established them. Why is it that racists are stealing institutions like Stellenbosch (established 1886 by whites) and claiming it as theirs without even attempting to establish their own universities? Is it possible that they can only take and are unable to create? Well it seems that way. The best economy in Africa is now being destroyed by people that got it for free. They did not have to work for it and that is why it has so little value for them. The author can claim to be a good guy but he is simply another racist. Sixteen million people on welfare? Where does all the money come from? It is borrowed and the state debt is so high that generations from now cannot ever pay it back impoverishing the country even more. In 1986 the population was 33 million, it is now 55 million plus and what is sad is that the majority of kids do not grow up with a father at home leaving a single mother to raise them in poverty…..Every Time you are recklessly impregnating a women and leaving her for the next you are directly responsible for the poverty….no one is forcing you and the poverty you create can only be blamed on you and those that live an life where you have no regard for women and children. You create poverty and blame others.

      • Who raped black women? Other blacks of course, certainly not white men unless they were very drunk and stupid – you muntus are far too ugly and smelly..!

    • Oom Antonie. Pity you don’t know anything about our history.

      What do you mean by establishing their own universities? Who built those unis, cleaned their toilets? Your tannie? Who created the migrant labour system, breaking up families? Where did the coloured people come from, if not from the loins of your oupa?

      Please take your face out of my ass.

  24. give this man a bells!! anything, as long as he stops shitting on his own stoop!
    there is a law of nature that can never be refuted and that is that cream floats. apartheid could not stop cream from floating and nothing ever will. the good people in south africa floats above the flotsam and they cope with all the difficulties thrown at them by society. mandela himself became an advocate as did his brother-in-law even though apartheid existed. he did not get a bee position or demand a race quota and many others did likewise. maybe you should try this
    slavery? many white slaves will be turning in their graves when they hear you negating their existense even at the hands of your forefather NERO (whose name means black). how far back do we take this? blacks never had any slaves? blacks never conquered another nation? (i suppose the bee tender got lost in the mail as the workers were striking at the time)
    white peoples skills also get challenged but not as much as black peoples as cheating and corruption is not as inbred among the paler race

  25. This article appears to be written in haste and hate, but not in the frame of mind to actually get people to work together. White people do not owe anyone anything, and your ridiculous letter totally ignores the Asian cultures that have enslaved, slain and stolen from indigenous people throughout Asia. And the notion that white people do not experience racism is totally asinine, I cannot comprehend how someone like the author can look in a mirror when they write drivel like this.

    Poorly written and pointless. Try harder.

  26. Noem dit regstellende aksie, noem dit transformasie, noem dit net wat jy wil, dit is en bly niks anders nie as wraak van swartes op ONSKULDIGE witmense. Watter een van die witmense wat vandag gestraf word deur verlies van werk, werkloosheid, benadeling vanwee onvoldoende BBBEE ens. was voor 1994 deel van die regering of het selfs net vir daardie regering gestem?? Pasop om nie ‘n ras-burgeroorlog af te dwing nie, want dit is wat tans gebeur!!!

  27. Hahaha…. you are as ridiculous as yoir president! This country came from being ons of the leading countries in the world from education, to engineering, to medicine, and so on, to one of the laughing stocks in the world considering education and technology! Everything is thanks to your corrupt party you follow! You OWE South Africa to become one of the shining beacons of progressing as it once was! Everything in this country went down the drain since you BLACK people strating thinking us whites owes you everything! You will turn out just like that Mugabe idiot that runs Zimbabwe, and realise you need white people’s intuition and working effort to keep this country flowing! The sooner you stop telling yourself that apartheid is the cause of all your misery the better you will be off! You werent stripped of your homelands! You were nomads just like most of tha african natives! You NEVER had a homeland because you travelled from place to place because you didnt know how to keep livestock, build farms or even permanent housing! If it werent for us white people you would bever have known the few things you do now! Yet you want to follow a party that only legislates laws toe keep them into power despite it ruining the country! The only reason why you keep on looking at white people with such hatred is because you black people cnat face the truth that black people NEEDS white people in order to prosper! You truly are parhetic and lazy! You want everyone to feel sorry for you and give everything to tou as freedies because you didnt have the initiative to do what white people have done! You can argue all you want, its part of nature to feel superior to other animals if youre more intelligent and have accomplished more! You will never see a lion surrendering to a gazelle simply because the gazelle feels as if it was treated unfairly! If you want white people to stop being racist, stop being singel minded! Stop being so primitive! Stop copying white people and actually accomplish something! You have all the resources, yet you throw them away because you feel its part of the white mans culture or whatever bulldust you can come up with! As you said, we have a 500 year advantage, use that to your advantage then! You have to deserv our respect, it cant just be given!!!

  28. This is the saddest thread I have read in a very long time. The history of MANkind is a story of dissent, anger, corruption, victimisation, abuse, war, oppression, hatred, division, etc etc etc. It is a story of corrupted power and selfish ambition. It is a story we all interpret from the perspective of our own history and bias. When does it stop? When do we stop blaming? When do we stop generalising? When do we stop demanding? When do we stop destroying? When do we stop stealing? When do we stop killing? When do we stop justifying our right to take stuff and life? When do we start building? When do we start agreeing? When do we start giving? When do we start truly forgiving and remembering for good? When do we start working together for mutual benefit? When do we all start contributing? When do we start seeking to understand? When do we start loving? How do we uplift without demeaning? How do we thrive without building from where we are? How do we forgive without reason? How do we all take responsibility for who we are, what we have and most importantly what we can be without abusing anyone else? How do we all learn to apply the physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social beingness with which we were all born to CREATING a world where we all want to live? When? I love the emerging wholeness I see in South Africa. Are we there yet? Not by a very long shot. Will any of us ever feel as if debts have been repaid. I don’t believe so. Is it even possible? I don’t believe so. Can we all build a brighter tomorrow for everyone? I do believe so. Can we stop hating? Oh I hope so. Will we ever see equality? It is very unlikely. Because we all have the free will to do what we want to with what we have. We all have the choice to give or to take. We all have the choice to be a Richard Maponya who became a multi-millionaire in apartheid South Africa. We have the choice to become a black president like Nelson Mandela in one of the most black-abusing nations in the world. Sadly we can choose to be a Hendrik Verwoerd, or a Mussolini, or a Hitler. Sadly, as long as we nurture and cultivate hatred and focus on difference it is only a matter of time before the common man who seeks peace, opportunity and prosperity for all, will have to contend once again with the fallout of that kind of despotic, selfish ambition, evil and hatred – because the heart of man is corrupt above all things. I long for the day when we rise up as humans seeking humanity, when we find goodness in our collective soul and learn to build and to grow and to sacrifice together for a better future for all. This thread gives me little hope that I will see this in my lifetime. I think hope lies in ceasing to ask who and beginning to ask how? I think hope lies in us all realising that no matter where or who we are in life, the world has never given us more opportunity than it does now and we all have the choice to do what we will with it – hopefully for the long-term good of all. We can blame or we can build. We can hate or we can love. We can give or we can take. Every single one of us.

  29. You cannot charge and imprison a child for his fathers crime. In the same way the white children and young adults did not implement or condone apartheid. Apartheid has been abolished…lets move on without blaming and looking for excuses

  30. The author has a huge inferiority complex because his ancestors were not able to advance or do anything for themselves for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the Arabs, Portuguese. Dutch, English and others who introduced education and modern medicine, to name only two of the benefits that allowed them to breed, far beyond the ability of the land to support their rapacious progeny.

  31. THIS BOY IS TALKING KAK AND HE KNOWS IT.actually it is not the white peoples fault.this boy:s PRESIDENT jacob zuma said that it was the fault of JAN VAN RIECBEECK .so what now.SO MOGOMOTSI GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT.DONT BLAME THE WHITES FOR APARTHEID,BLAME OOM JAN…….. MY BOY.

  32. Let me ask the question. How can you expect to move forward when you have both hands so tightly griped on the past? What happens when you have no free hands to grab the future and all that it holds? See that is the problem with the black culture. That is why the white race moves ahead. Whites think of the future. Whites learn from the past not hold on to it. They call it history for a reason.

    So stop crying about the past and lets move on. No one owes anybody anything.

  33. How about you go fuck yourself you arrogant, black motherfucker. A debt to pay? Who fuck do you think you are? You are just as big mouthed and gutless like all your people. Fucking pussy

  34. Don’t judge the writer of this article too harshly. Because of his lack of intelligence, pride, work ethic and determination, his only chance ever to get ahead in this life, is to wail and moan and try to extort money and position from those who are willing to work hard. And there are plenty whites stupid enough to fall for the ruse. As for me, Mogomotsi, fuggeddaboudit! I can understand that you are -ill-equipped to find and keep a proper job, but hey, you’ve got hands. Get yourself a pick an shovel. Plenty of ditches to be dug.

  35. Please please please tell me what you are owed…cause in my books we should be square now. Your people received a prosperous country, roads, harbours, BEE…yet you still f’n want, so you can destroy that too.

    It is said give a man a fish and he will have food for a day. But teach him how to fish and he will have food for a lifetime. In South Africa this is not applicable…its more along the lines of give a black man a fish and he will expect it everyday for the a lifetime.

    Its good you blacks are pushing like you do, because you are pushing us towards a f’n war….and then there will be no laws protecting your black asses! It will be open season….Do not push a Boer to the point he doent give a shit no more, because you WILL loose…YOU ARE WARNED ANA!!

    Your people have no f’n idea how to govern a country to be prosperous….all you know is how to take and destroy….the tea farm close to Tzaneen is but one example.

    Look to your own people to see why you are failing.

  36. I’m white, so I must apologise? For what? Working all my life and paying literally millions in tax over the years? Money that has gone towards making this a better place for ALL South Africans. Now I must apologise? And what if I do, will I get a medal or something to wear to show that I have apologised already, or do I have to apologise every day for the rest of my life?
    For God’s sake, get a life and get on with it, stop expecting the whites to carry you around, supporting you, while you continue to whinge about the past.
    Some black Americans still blame their woes on slavery almost 2 centuries after abolition – are you going to cry for another 150 years plus as well?
    How do you expect to progress when you keep looking back, concentrating on the negatives? Eish you guys!

  37. – Black people can self-regulate and help their own come correct.

    Ah black people white people….
    Why dont you move into your own fucking camps if youre the ‘black people’.
    Your a retarted racist. Go pay your own dept.

  38. “Since the beginning of time man has been a predatory species”. “if you were weak you were conquered” right?. As seen by some white comments here. My white friends from high school would cry telling us of how they were force fully removed from their farms in Zim. Leaders like Mugabe where created because of ignorant people and comments that I am seeing from white people here. Keep going. It’s happening. Africans will take Africa back. Yes you don’t owe us shit. Take your technology, houses, cars tablets and everything you’ve built and leave our land. We don’t need your shit. As far as I’m concerned technology has done far more damage than good. Take it it’s yours. We not lazy. We never needed water in our houses. It’s free. We can fetch it from our rivers. White people need to stop this. It will create another Mugabe in South Africa and you won’t even see it coming. Maybe it already has. I’m telling you white people need to change or it will not be good. Coming from a township somehow I’ve been on a rugby scholarship in high school paid for by white people. Got an academic bursary in varsity paid for by blacks. For the sake of my rich private school buddies, (I love those guys) SA has become their home let’s all change. Otherwise black people will decide to take it back you won’t even get a plane ticket back to where you came from. You will be marched to Cape beaches and be forced of this land. Your Wi-Fi’s routers will be activated into little bombs that will blow up your houses and families. I don’t want to see a worse leader or regime than Mugabes created by our ignorance. We are not predators we are not animals. We are not our forefathers we can change. Let’s be sensible. Before some educated idiot leader fuelled by anger and hate for the white man brainwashes black people mobiles them and destroys South Africa for all of us. Peace be with you.

  39. Unbelievable!
    From the article itself to the comments…..wow…i’m lost for words.
    It amazes me to learn that black people still feel that white people owe them…what?
    Come on, black folks, you all can do way better. Stop looking for excuses and face life, head on.
    People will care if you are black but as long as you know you are black and are proud to be…life always has a way of exposing foolishness.
    I will admit that the world favours ‘white skin’- for what ever messed up reason- but come on people, stressing on slavery only shows how much you still are in it.
    Slavery isn’t just defined as being in chains and being owned by a master, it is also a mental state.
    To the white people who made ignorant comments…well done, you’ve really shown how education has worked for you, even when black people weren’t allowed full access, in the past.
    Men, you have got to love a nasty bunch of ignorant, peevish white people, add a couple of disgruntled blacks and we have an intoxicating concoction.
    White people who habour condescending attitudes and thoughts towards black people are only living in a world of perceptions.
    Perceptions that are likely to remain as that unless they face the music and dance to the tune….

  40. @ the last comment before mine-
    I would seriously love to know if you have graduated from a proper high school, or…let me be polite…a university.
    Whoever you are, clearly, you are seriously in need of schooling.
    Proper schooling.
    I suggest you travel…or better, read books and open your mind, because it doesn’t seem to be functioning up to standard.
    I’m not insulting you, i just feel that before you type anything and go ahead to post it, read through it and deeply reflect on how it will impact you in the future.

  41. So….@ NWA
    I see error in my statement, forgive me…i trully didn’t read through your comment….now having read through it thoroughly, i apologise for aiming that comment at you…
    I understand where you are coming from and you have a valid point…i do, however, wish you would stop labelling technology as a ‘white man’s’ creation.
    It shows that black people don’t have the capacity to create anything.
    Pipelines and boreholes are an essential part of everyday life…come on, fetching water from a river?
    As a scientist, i can tell you how infested river water is.
    Think about the purification methods…technology, man.
    All technology.
    My comment about you travelling or reading a book still stands.
    You will be sucked into a world of knowledge and i promise you, you’ll realise just how techno smart many black people are.
    Being technologised doesn’t mean that you are being drawn into ‘white people’s’ world, it only means you want to improve yourself.
    So to further stress on the sincerity of my apology, i have learnt a valuable lesson about reading through things before commenting. A very tongue-in- cheek for me because i wrote the very exact statement to you. I trully do hope you understand my point.

  42. @Abbet thanks for the apology. I can’t afford to travel. Not a lot of black people can afford that luxury. I am actually planning on working on a Cruise next year hope that works out. I just feel it’s the right time. SA is becoming terrible even for us blacks. I read a lot. But I’ve turned to read a lot about black consciousness, political news and business and financial stuff because I am an Accounting graduate and enjoy investing. A lot of people been talking about civil wars and shit. As a young educated black person things are getting real out here. We are caught up in this. I play rugby way better than I play soccer. As a scientist don’t you think some Tech advances have been to enrich people than to solve bigger issues? We never had issues of carbon emissions before. Global warming. We are sitting with solutions to electricity issues and renewable energy but because certain global companies will no longer benefit we are left to struggle with Eskom.

  43. @ NWA
    I absolutely agree that some parts of technology have been to the detriment of others and the advancement of a larger ‘few’…but come to think of it…does the government not have a say in this matter?
    Are they not putting the lives of their fellow black first?
    I do apologise for not giving financial thought to my comment about you travelling, i, however, am gladdened by the fact that you are an avid reader.
    Your choice of reading content…is quite questionable but nonetheless, it is what you have chosen and i will respect that.
    It would be wonderful to sit down and have a face to face discussion with you, because you seem like a brilliant individual.
    There are many things i would love to debate with you about but i feel that most of our discussions will border on racially sensitive topics.
    Eskom, to me, has turned out to be one of the worst investments the country has ever put money into, apart from the ludicrous ‘arms deal’.
    I feel that the black people in power are becoming selfish and forgetting about those at the bottom.
    It is unfair, but true.
    Life seems to favour the wealthier masses, whilst the poorer bear the full brunt.
    I enjoy soccer and just recently discovered my hidden devotion for rugby, thanks to the recent rugby world cup.
    I hope you do find inner peace with yourself amidst all those race consciousness articles you are devouring.
    Those things have shown great potential in brainwashing one’s mind.
    I can definitely attest to that.

  44. Oh and i do wish you the best of luck on your Cruise job…you still need to believe you are capable of doing great things….even as a young educated black individual.

  45. This author sms up the real problem behind the failure of all African states -lack of self-determination. Always blaming someone or something for their problems – never looking introspectively. Hell, if the Japanese waited on handouts from the country that dropped 2 nuclear bombs on them and then colonized them for decades – they would still be a rural state. No-they picked themselves up and became one of the largest economies in the world – no such example in Africa. Africa thrives on laziness, nepotism, crime, hand-out mentality etc.

    No mofo, I owe you nothing…..go ask your corrupt president and his cronies for swim in the firepool at Nkandla

  46. Allright… I’ll bite.

    1. No, I will not be apologising for anything in regards to this matter. I hold myself responsible for I’ve done, and nothing more. Even if I was inclined to do so, such a thing would be disingenuous and superficial. If disingenuous and superficial is what you’re after, you’re asking the wrong people. Try an Englishman or a neo-liberal – the kind of people who WANTS to pull the wool over your eyes. I see no need for that. Also, I’m not responsible for my father’s debt. In any way whatsoever. Not in a million years.

    2. What do I sound like to you? A government stooge who can pull legislation out of my ass? Or some rich prick that can simply buy it? Wake up.

    3. They don’t speak for me, and I don’t speak for them. Possibly because we don’t really agree on anything. That’s the best I can give you. Maybe black people can self-regulate without any problems, but the only time I’ve ever seen white people do so was during the Apartheid years. Careful what you ask for.

    4. Ok. I insist on true and complete equity for those that need it most. I’m not sure what else you’re expecting. Do you even understand what that means?

    5. This one is rather vague, so you’ll have to be satisfied with me not owning either a gun or a military uniform (though I did wear army boots at one point in my life).

    Also, “how dare you” doesn’t work very well on me. I’ve been dared plenty of times in my life… usually to the darer’s detriment.

  47. When you say white people owe blacks a debt do you also mean some guy living in Lithuania or in Belarus or do you mean American whites? Please clarify.

  48. Let me do this one for everybody and or a favor
    on behalf of everyone else. first of all its the other
    way around this retarded jackass doesn’t know
    up from down, not to mention what’s real an the
    things he’s saying is nothing but, naive, clueless
    lying, ignorant, delusional, unbeknownst, uneducated

    I’ll make a list in what the dumb loser blacks owe whites
    it’s pretty obvious they have to give back all the items
    or products and properties that was made an constructed
    by whites. of course the damage and major damages
    that there kind has done to cities like the L.A. Riots,
    Atlanta, Ferguson Riots, Detroit, Philadelphia
    let’s not forget all the fast food places an schools
    and other locations they destroyed. that whites
    had or have to rebuilt since black people can not
    redevelop what they demolished.

    Mall fights an or mobs, black school fights an or shootings
    ghetto fights, project fights, theme park fights, carnival fights
    KFC fights, Mc Donald fights, Wendy’s fights, Burger King fights
    IHop fights, Black Lives Matter riots, restaurant fights an so the
    total cost will be some where in the $ hundred trillion and growing

    and slavery an oppression oh please whites and yellows were enslaved
    within their own race an did that to each other when they first met one another
    last time i checked both race’s had it way worse than the simple minded blacks
    besides being in shackles they had to row ships while being chained up to other
    people an tortured by using mechanical machinery and coerced to battle people
    or lions, tigers maybe both. had there head chopped off or even have the bodies
    pulled in separate directions an burned and water boarding an crucified and other
    unspeakable things in the ancient times.

  49. Yeah I think we all should know by now blacks
    (“A.K.A. Niggers”) are a bunch of lying, delusional
    hallucinating, contradicting, hypocritical, fools
    for a black person that is allegedly hates an
    dislikes whites and we all know considering
    these underdeveloped simian brain apes keep
    claiming. they’er the ones that created Math
    Science, Astronomy since I’ve seen and I’m
    sure I wasn’t the only one that is in youtube
    an those.

    afro centric channels have blacks
    keep spouting and or spewing such
    nonsensical, drivel, dribble, trivial, menial
    garbage, tripe. claiming everything as theirs
    no one else’s, funny they say how smart
    they truly are intellectually. but when the spot
    light an or lime light shines upon them it’s time
    to show how an why there so smart in actuality
    their just displaying for the whole world how
    astronomically dumb and stupid not to mention
    retarded they truly are

    considering in a all black schools they fail
    at Math, English, Science, Astronomy. those
    three subjects the very same ones that these
    people claim that invented it are horrid an terrible
    and massively failing them. let’s not forget even
    on public schools they are flunking there to so
    these blacks that say an or claim they are smart
    or a wiz at something and of course another thing
    like white heart bleeding guilt ridden, black loving
    coddling, pampering, enabling, pandering, wiggering
    oil drilling, coal burning, and some conservatives
    will an would help them by making it look like
    the blacks you see on tv in commercials
    and movies an games their just using uncle
    toms or magic niggers and mystical negro’s
    to trick or pull the wool from in front of the entire
    audience into believing an seeing that a black person
    simulating a human being.

    most of them still can’t read and write an speak
    proper english the whole race an the ones that
    can are only a small minority or a fraction which
    is ultra super omega embarrassing since the white
    race and yellow race an brown ethnicity’s can. let’
    me also remind people that is on the internet and
    or outside the real world liberals would do anything
    to put black people in every job an career that there
    not qualified and skilled for by using affirmative action
    an remorse, empathetic, sympathetic towards them
    and telling the masses that they to can be “geniuses”
    showing videos an pictures of them doing math
    science, astronomy in stores and on the web’s
    to the audience using propaganda an make
    them think they’er just like quite a few of our
    people that have the greatest minds.

  50. Isn’t it amazing that these savages
    always leaves out the most hard an crucial concrete
    evidence that is important to the story. has anyone
    notice when these cretins blame whites as per usual
    they never mentioned and or tell the full plot on what
    an who started it. because they know its one of there
    own kind in reality that’s why he or she will and would
    never tell the full story from there side of the group
    of course knowing them they’ll restort to distorting
    and skewing an spinning let’s not forget telling lies
    unless they were naive, ignorant, uneducated, clueless
    oblivious, unbeknownst, to the whole thing

    I’ve noticed this pattern before they just blame
    whites saying they start an or caused wars
    and talking about bombing Japan without
    knowing full well why they had to do that
    not to mention others like the Korean War
    an Vietnam they just blame it on white
    people as always and the current events
    that’s happening to them right now like
    the Jamar Clark, Michael Brown, and
    other miscellaneous situations
    an the videos that Colin Flaherty

  51. @Guest
    I really would love to know how and why you have decided to reduce yourself into a malicious bigot. I, myself, do not agree with the contents of this article but for you to have referred to black people as ‘Niggers’, you are incredibly abhorrent.Just appalling.
    Now the chiding begins…
    Firstly, for you to centre your attack on the author of this article (i will forgive), but then you decided to derail into name calling and petty arguments.
    Secondly, you started speaking about things that aren’t even related to the article at all. The dedication to write so much junk of words is just truly….commendable.
    Thirdly, I don’t appreciate you using unintelligible words to convey your feelings…which is disappointing because I’d like to think you are an intelligent person.
    I think it quite unbecoming that you would think that all black people ‘blame’ whites for what ever issue they have. The black race contains completely diverse individuals, most of whom have defined their lives according to the confines of ‘culture’ and ‘traditions’, but the better part of the numbers have decided to live their lives as non-conformists. I do urge you to open your mind and realize that the world is full of intelligent black people who do not BLAME whites for whatever happens to them. I do agree that there is a large number of blacks who fall into the ‘LET’S BLAME THE WHITE MAN’ box but you must not use that as a generalization for a whole race of people. I must reduce my discourse into a short reprimand because i’m actually deigning at the task of going through your comments yet again, to pick silly discrepancies (heck all your comments are frivolous and redundant) and call you out on them. You should really refrain from backhanded comments. It’s petty and REDUNDANT.
    Redundant, a word that seems to clearly define your response to this equally redundant article, so I guess it’s a match made in heaven.

  52. its some weird agenda.because everyone knows the more they say things like this the more they will be hated and ignored and laughed at….
    their weapon is breeding.
    as an affront.. ive seen many admit to being high in number just to say “aha aha look we are here” like theyre admitting they are a disease or something.
    making whites go in sorrow and repentance that they even exist (that lust can create a life)
    but its not whites fault
    whites just see no one better/higher to blame so blacks attach to us.you don’t see them attaching to arabs or any other race that will just off them right away…they feel whites are soft…
    they kill each other but they’ll never kill us…. just a few here and there as a “beggar” notice..
    they know they are dependant and fear greatly when we leave them behind…as we are doing now in our hearts and souls and they feel that….
    they are not our children
    when they stop breeding in lust and supporting glamorizing abominations then they can be seen as human. it may never happen!

  53. MOGOMOTSI SEBAETSE. This is what you don`t get Mogomotsi. Like another person commented here: The land was never stolen. No one occupied most of the land. Thus, it was claimed and like it worked everywhere else in the world, the race which was more advanced, ruled and made everything grow. If this did not happen, South Africa would probably still be cow-dung huts.

    This is however not the point I`d like to make. The black people, including you have to realise that the White people don`t mind equality and having a true democracy. The problem we have, is that the Black people want to punish the whites. The whites who had nothing to do with apartheid. Most of the whites who did, are dead.

    black people also never look at the full picture. whites were also not allowed to mix with black people during apartheid. The majority of whites did not treat black people bad. Ask the older generation how they truly had it and trust me: they will tell you that they had it better, way better!!

    a larger percentage of black people had work during apartheid than they do now. yes, there are more black people in poverty, but that is because, out of 60 million people in south africa, 50 million are black and only about 8 million are white. So if 20% of blacks live in poverty, it`s 10 million. If all the whites live in poverty, there will still be more blacks in poverty. why? Because we have a Corrupt, Black Government, You chose!!.

    I mean, I`m not a racist. In fact, I have saved 3 black people`s lives in my life. How many black people`s lives have you saved? Yet, I am punished because I am white!!? You think about that my friend, cos after this amount of punishment I take, not being able to work and survive, when another black person`s life is danger and he will die if I don`t intervene, I will not risk my life to save him again, because I deserve to suffer.

  54. After nearly a year I am leaving a reply, thinking maybe I should not, but I am still doing it. I am familiar with the opinion of white people. I am starting to listen to the opinion of black people. Apartheid was wrong and I was part of it. What is Mogomotsi asking for? The way I see it he is telling white people that black people suffered because of slave trading, apartheid and racism. He is describing his suffering and the suffering of black people because of white people. “Ripped from their cultures, parted from their families and their language” and “an experience of systematic, frequent, and legal rape, beating, murder, torture, kidnapping, incarceration, cruel working conditions and constant verbal and physical dehumanisation. For hundreds of years.” and “Do you not believe black South Africans because their experience isn’t yours? Because you think they’re making it up?” I am sorry I was not aware of it always, but today I know it is true, horrible things did happened during apartheid. I can’t imagine what I would do if someone tell me today to pack up and leave and to go and live somewhere else. What if I was from Lesotho and my husband from Cape Town? Would we have been separated? So what is Mogomotsi asking for? Mogomotsi I am so sorry for all the suffering caused to black people by apartheid, slavery and racism. Yes and it is real your suffering and black people’s suffering because of that is real and I am so sorry for that. It was wrong. How do we rectify a wrong. Yes like you said we need to admit it and yes I think a lot of people has. Have we apologise? I think a lot of people has. Today I have made my apology for it. Paying the debt? In my small way I am trying. Truly hoping for a better understanding between people.

  55. black people need to rise up and revolt by force and take power from whites! Then get payback by enslaving and using us to your advantage and make black word law!

  56. Faq off, I don’t owe anybody nothing, Muslims enslaved more whites than whites enslaved blacks… Where are my special privileges? People forget that Muslims, including the Moores tried to conquer Europe first, they nearly succeeded, they even change the name of Spain… People are just pissed, not because of slavery or imperialism but because we were the best at it… If it wasn’t for Europeans, blacks would still be slaves to Muslims and wealthy blacks… Faq off with this propaganda to demonize whites… Blacks actually owe us and should be grateful…

  57. I know the pain you feel, sometimes I wonder why we black people had to go through all this hard times. But then again in my country Kenya people had to die because they rebelled from the colonial rule, thousands were killed and prisoned. But , I normally call this a struggle of our parents so that today we can be free men and yes their dream came true. We are indeed free at last , now what next? Being free was the goal of our forefathers they won it , then what goal does the new generation of free black man has. You see time is moving and it won’t stop to wait for you to catch up with the others, you must wake up and start putting your house in order work hard and prove them wrong that indeed we can do something. Unfortunately this is not this generation is doing we have now turned against what we fought for and punishing ourselves by not fulfilling the dreams of our fathers, for they dreamt of having a prosperous united Africa. Most of black leaders are corrupt to the core, the citizens are also corrupt and surprisingly we have accepted corruption and we are making it a culture. Corruption itself has done more damages than colonization itself. Ask yourself this question after you got independence is there good security? No. who runs the government ? black president. Is he willing to do something about insecurity, water supply, medication , health etc .? your answer probably would be the system is a corrupt regime. The reason other western countries prosper is they are very keen on leadership , you just don’t elect anybody anyhow , you have to make sure he performs what his duties are. Most of our elected leaders are in a mission to make themselves tycoons. so honestly the problem facing the black man of today is so much caused by our elected leaders ..imagine of we had decided that we are the generation to rebuild Africa and bring it on the face of the world then after we pass our next generation would be the generation to enjoy the fr
    uits of our sweat. unfortunately we are selfish we don’t care about our children of tomorrow , if I was a leader I would encourage you to build today so that the children of tomorrow would just be as equal as the american children of tomorrow. and it is possible , it’s about having a dream and working towards it .the world of today is about competition see the opportunity and go for it. Most white people will tell you Africa is the future yes they are right but that depends on what road you choose to take. let us not be hateful but make this world a better place .

  58. You are so wrong its not funny.

    Blacks and arabs were basically the first to enslave anyone.

    Think about it.


    Where did slavery start ??? well….AFRICA.

    Before what people call “JESUS” or “MOHAMMED” arose, there was mass slavery from the ottomans and their ancestors (babalonians) of the “vikings”

    Basically, they encountered a race of people that had women with white blonde hair and white skin and were facinated.

    Word spread and slave masters from arabia demanded high prices for these women if you were to ever get one.

    What happened ???

    Well, raiding partys from morocco and northern africa raided northern europe (not succesfully lol) but they did find the vikings (mainly swedish ancestors) and started raiding them and taking women as slaves.

    To ignore all this and place ALL slavery on only the british and americans on black people is just down right stupid and ignorant.

    You did it first….where is our reperations ??? oh wait what ??? we dont get any but you do ??? what ??? why ???

    Why do you get reperations for 200 years of living in a country that eventually embraced your ANCESTORS, yes thats right, you did not suffer any slavery at all did you ?? did you ???

    Did I ask for reperations from saudia arabia for their past transgressions against europe or vikings ??

    No ???

    Hmmm……..maybe thats because I realise that its in the damn past and who am I to judge the world 200 years ago and say “oh your great great great great great grandfather raped my great great great great great great grandmother, so you owe me 1million dollars now….give me now.”



  59. I owe you absolutely nothing. Your ancient tragedies are the problem of articles like this. Take it up with the owners ,abusers or murderers that did it. I personally owe you zip. This is life, brutal, unfair ect.. get over it, build a large bridge and cross it . Whites won’t be responsible for your loss, unless their hand held the knife.

  60. The comments made by whites on here are very callous and harsh, but it is understandable to some degree. What the author needs to take into consideration is that as times change, people’s way of thinking also changes. A few hundred years ago, back in the days of the first settlers arriving, there really was no reason for Europeans to consider black Africans as equals, as they were clearly not equal to Europeans in many respects. As harsh as this might sound, the primitive existence of the sub-Saharan Africans gave the Europeans justifiable reason to believe that the black inhabitants of the land could not rule a western nation or contribute much more than just manual labour. Back then, the concepts of egalitarianism, colour blindness and post-racial Marxism did not exist. Those are new ideologies of the late 20th century. Whites have realised, as time passed, that blacks can be equal if given the same opportunities an education. To ask modern whites to “apologize” over and over for apartheid or for not placing black people charitably in more powerful positions is asking whites to believe in a false history, one where white European civilization and social evolution was not thousands of years ahead of that of Africans. You are saying that white Europeans should have thought of blacks as their equals, even though they were objectively not. How can we apologize for our ancestors if their thinking and their actions were entirely reasonable relative to the paradigms of the times they lived in? Stop asking whites to apologize. We know we are in a minority and we really have no choice but to cooperate with you in making South Africa a better place for black people. It will benefit all of us if there is less poverty and better education for everyone, we understand this.

  61. The Negro is The Chronic whining crybaby of the world who will never get it. It is he who owes us reparations for the amount of damage he has caused to Western civilization. All one needs to do is pay attention to the local news and see how much crime and violence he commits. in 2016 there were 4367 shootings in Chicago alone all committed by black people each costing the taxpayers about $154,000 each in medical expenses that go unpaid so who owes who reparations?

  62. Dumb black person be like, writing a stupid article, being a poser, a wanker, a follower and just overall loser..fuck your existence.

  63. Interesting point of view. But if we play it back no one benefits.
    For example, using the logic you shared the Black people of early days murdered Boer’s after asking them to leave their weapons outside their kraal and inviting them for peaceful talks. Using your logic then all black people are responsible for that early betrayal and the debt must be paid.

    Our Father in heaven proposes another solution. He says that we must forgive each other our sins as he forgives us and to let him take vengeance on our part.
    He’s mighty son Jesus taught that we are not fighting flesh and blood, meaning mankind. But instead that we are fighting demons and those who wish to possess our souls. So no man is another man’s real enemy, only the evil that has taken hold of another man is our enemy. And that evil is from the prince of this world, satan and he’s forces.

    Keep in mind Jesus cast out devils, something which we are now seeing happen again today.
    By casting out demons and devils, Jesus was literally fighting the real enemy. Jesus did not lead armies to destroy evil with swords and shields, he spoke the truth, cast out devils, healed the sick and spread the Word of God.

    I suggest looking more into the way Jesus lived.

  64. I had nothing to do with the slavery here in the United States or the Apartheid in South Africa but I’m White and PROUD OF IT!! If I were Black I would be ashamed of 60% of the Afro-Americans collecting Welfare while they are able bodied Americans but still choose to collect Subsidiary housing, Food Stamps and free Medical when I have 1/2 of my heart left, I work a part time job, collect SSDI, Full Disability from Social Security that I paid into for 38 years and yet I pay for everything because I am not entitled. It must be a bitch being a Nigger that willfully don’t work getting everything for free. Niggers like you need to do something productive for this country instead of living to take as much as you can from us hard working whites!!

  65. these negroes have caught up by now with all the murdering of whites they do,so don’t feed us that shit.you ain’t getting nothing,get over it.there isnt a way of proving who was a slave or who lynched who. being slaves brought you to where you are today,plus most black americans have the blood of slaveowners coarsing through their veins,the very people they despise.funny how that works huh.

  66. Like all in Africa coming from a very deep and good place factually wrong, as yes allot of hard labor was always feeding people even not good. For example the first roads built in South Africa was on a tender given to EU people, not because SA lacked the will,, the rainbow never has, SA lacked the Equipment and knowledge what was the Governing Bodies to do? My greatest wish as South African is to not let it all go and become like a DRC for example . I just hope Africa grows up, South Africans still realize how fortunate they are to live in this full of potential times and Beautiful place that needs looking after. .

  67. None of you dumb ass niggers are old enough to have been a slave. No whites are old enough to have owned a slave.
    Get the hell over it! Get a job. Pimp, drug dealer,or prostitute are not jobs. Quit acting like dumb ass niggers and get civilized and you will be treated as a person, not a nigger. There is a lot of difference between a nigger and a black person. Quit bitching about the “N” word, racism, and inequality. Racial profiling was brought on by dumb ass niggers. Yes you brought it on yourselves! Quit acting like a bunch of animals. Animals need feeding,(food stamps). Animals need housing,Section 8 low income housing). Animals need to feed their young (welfare). Animals need a Vet.,(Obamacare). Everything you animals need is provided by the government. Stolen from the pockets of working
    people, both black and white. There’s your payment ASSHOLES ! If I had a choice, I would give the money to the SPCA, or burn it , rather than waste it on your sorry black asses. Black lives matter ? Make it happen. Nigger lives don’t matter. Quit your bitching and do what’s right.

    • “How dare you! Nothing in white people’s experience comes close to the suffering of black people. Nothing. And you inflicted this suffering upon us. These actions are the very least you can do”

      Clueless, narcissistic, low IQ, lacking in self awareness fre*ks of nature and totally oblivious to it.

      You know nothing about most people with white skin you believe you’re critising, your dishonest upper/upper middle class liberal handlers/friends are no authority.

      The reason black people ‘suffer’ is because most of them didn’t have written languages well up to the late 19th century, were still engaging in human sacrifice, living like it was the Iron age in most parts of Africa, and the middle ages in the parts yous often point to as the ‘successful’ parts.

      Slavery and slave trading was going on in Africa since at least the 9th century and well after the trans Atlantic slave trade ended, most of the areas pointed to by liars as the ‘successful’ parts of Africa had huge amounts of slavery and the elite got well off of slave trading.

      The average household income for black people in America is better than for black people in most other countries, and better than a lot of countries in Europe.

      This despite the IQ issue.

      Dear black people: I know most of you lack the intelligence, self awareness and ability for self reflection mainly due to excessive undeserved pandering and indulgence based on lies, to the point where now if people point out reality and the truth you often can’t handle it and feel that it’s ‘racist’.

      But you aren’t what you’ve been coddled into believing you are.

      If it wasn’t for ‘da evil white man’. You’d probably be living in a grass hut, without the ability to read or write, certainly wouldn’t have a computer or mobile phone to b*tch on. Possibly live around people that practice human sacrifice, ritualistic killing or mutilation (like they do to poor albinos in Tanzania), or converted to Islam and living the way most Muslims did in the 19th century.

  68. My family ran the Underground Railroad and fought for the rights of African Americans. I have your blood in my veins as well as Native American blood. My skin may be white but my blood has run deep in the hearts of many. I am also related to Kate Barnard who fought for Native American rights. Yet I was chased home everyday in Elementary with rocks for being one of five white kids in my school. My family’s friends were called ghosts for being friends with us white people. I was chocked and beat on a daily basis in and out of school…even stabbed with a pencil for being white. Rascism comes in all colors. I have never experienced this luxury that you think I have had as a (looking) white person. You have no right to say that I owe you because of the color of your’s or my skin. And as for not looking at people. You couldn’t be so far from the truth. I hate people who claim to be “color blind”. What a farse! If you can’t appreciate people for who they are, then you don’t deserve to be their friend. I see people for who they are and I love where they come from. I love diversity. My ancestry has proof of seeing people for who they are and has fought for all walks of life. Now if you think I owe you because of your beautiful God-given skin, you are crazy…and skin can’t fix your brain. I can’t take credit for my family saving thousands of African Americans and my distant Grandfather who is also of African descent who pretended to be a slave to save so many others. I also did not live nor cause any wrong doing in those days of hell. But I don’t deserve to wear the blame for all of those numbskulled nazi minded morons who plagued the world with ignorance and shallow minded obliviousness to the reality that God created all men as men not animals. My family got it and did something about it. It broke up my families as well. Should I be angry about that too. No! We’ll all meet again when this world ends. Be kind to everyone and appreciate people who appreciate you for you. Being white has done nothing to improve my life but being caring and understanding has. Hatred can’t fix hatred. Love can change the hearts and God will see all effort. God Bless to all as suffering has freed the souls for heaven. My Godmother whom I was named after had very beautiful black skin and eyes so deep you could see her soul. She was beautiful inside and out. She had 8 kids with white skin, green eyes and freckles. After kid 8 her husband started looking into their lineage to find her many great grandfathers past had a European Great….Grandfather (even many generations past) that had passed genetics to her children. When we were playing outside one day with another friend’s kids, a man pulled over and screamed at my Mom saying,”what are you gonna do when one of your daughters marry a black boy?!”. She screamed back to him,”I will tell them that you’d better love him a whole lot, cuz there’s too many a$$holes like you!!!”. We’ll with that said. I think you sir are an a$$hole. Appreciate everyone for who they are if they love you back. Life is too short. God doesn’t want division reinvented.

  69. This mf is on something really good out their damn mind my family never owned one slave and just for talk who do you think sold slave to the whites other blacks from Africa


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