David Mabuza tells Sekampaneng residents to give the ANC another chance

David Mabuza on the campaign trail #LGE2021

Deputy president of the African National Congress (ANC) David Mabuza has appealed for another chance during local election campaigning. Mabuza told residents of Sekampaneng, north of Pretoria to give ANC a chance to fix their precious mistakes 

Mabuza embarked on a local government elections program in Hammanskraal. During his visit to the area, he pleaded with residents to “Vote for the ANC” on the 1st of November.

He engaged and interacted with residents, distributing the party’s T-shirts. Mabuza promised them change. “The mistakes we committed in the past we really apologize for. We are going to re-make, correct ourselves. We are going to deliver services in the manner that they deserve as our people,” said Mabuza.

“Tshwane is the home of the ANC and we want it back. We want to reclaim our land,” said Mabuza. He explained that they are ready to fix all the problems. This includes the refuse removal, water and other service deliveries challenges.

“The challenges we deal with are divisions in the movement. We can not lead our people if we are not united.” He said “Come the 1st of November we Vote and beyond that we are going to attend to all matters,” said Mabuza.


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Florina Kekana (48) was overwhelmed by joy when she was the first resident to be visited by Mabuza during the door-to-door campaign. “We are overjoyed by the deputy president’s visit to our area. We are also happy that he came to see the state we’ve been living in ever since we started living here in 1994,” Kekana said. 

Kekana told The Daily Vox that the deputy president’s cars had to be left behind due to poor roads in their areas. “We don’t have proper roads. When it is raining people are not able to go to work and cars can not move,” she said.

Kekana said: “They are  unemployed and the family depend on their children’s social grant to survive. ANC should provide employment opportunities to help the youth in and around the whole of Tshwane.” 

Kekana blamed the municipality led by the Democratic Alliance as she said “since they came to power, there has been no change done in their community.”


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“We are now giving ANC another chance, we believe in them and hope they won’t disappoint us again this time around,” said Manganye.

Another resident Charles Tsweleng (59) from Sekampaneng said: “We have been waiting for RDP houses since 1994.” Tshweleng said that they have lost hope in the ANC yet they are still willing to give it a last try.

“These people are now making all these kinds of promises because they want our votes,” Tshweleng said.

He added that they don’t believe that the ANC will keep their promises. “We only give ANC a chance because the deputy president came to us and apologised for the past mistakes and committed to us personally,” said Tshweleng. 

Tshweleng said that they do not have street lights, RDP houses, clean water and proper roads.

“This is the ANC’s last chance to prove themselves, if they fail us again this time, they will kiss our votes goodbye.”


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Featured image by Thomo Nkgadima