Mbuyiseni Ndlozi says the EFF is the only party in SA with a view to the future

While party officials await the results of Wednesday’s local government elections, the Economic Freedom Fighters’ spokesperson says his party is calm and content.

“The description of our emotional state is that we are in tranquillity and internal peace,” he said to The Daily Vox at the IEC’s Results Operations Centre in Pretoria.

Analysts say this, the first local government election which the EFF is contesting, will be the true test of the party’s support throughout the country.

“It’s in the hands of South Africans,” Ndlozi said. “There’s nothing to be nervous about because all the pressure has been on us throughout the campaign.”

He said the party had been put under tremendous pressure in the months ahead of the election, and were tested at “being able to roll out every strategy”. He however feels that the party has successfully done that “with flying colours”.

Political analyst Ebrahim Fakir said that while the ANC’s results will be scrutinised, this election is also important for the EFF, not least to understand how its lower structures operate in the environs of local government.

Ndlozi admits that the preparations for this election tested the party’s organising abilities.

“It was a serious test of our internal democracy and structures,” he said. “We had to go through those structures, elect thousands and thousands of councillors. We managed to do that without any drop of blood.”

And he’s confident that the EFF will do well.

“We believe we are going to do well precisely because we are that exposed to the local issues, individual communities and wards in South Africa,” he said.

Fakir says that while the ANC’s core support base may have soured towards the party, many supporters are still searching for a viable alternative.

Ndlozi however feels the ANC is unable to motivate trust among young South Africans.

“The DA and ANC are asking us to invest in stupidity,” he said.  “We are confident and we trust in the intellect of our people that they will make the right decision,” Ndlozi said.

Featured image: via Youtube