#TheWifeShowmax tackles serious issues this week

In the latest episodes of Showmax’s The Wife, the Zulu brothers face a taxi war with the Majola’s. All the while, Hlomu and Mqhele are falling deeper in love with each other. The latest episodes also sees the show tackling real world experiences in South Africa. 

[Trigger Warning: Episode 9 of #TheWifeShowmax features a scene depicting gender-based violence. This may be difficult to watch and read. We encourage you to care for your mental health, safety and emotional well-being]


#TheWifeShowmax locks lips and guns breaking records along the way

Episode 7: A different world

Hlomu and Mqhele are deep within domesticated bliss. It looks as if she has moved in with Mqhele and his brothers. They are happy and content, but the looming taxi war will affect the lovebirds. Qhawe still holds a candle for Hlomu, and Mqhele is aware of his brother’s feelings. There seems to be a fine line between love and hate between the Zulu brothers. They easily go from unbreakable loyalty to hatred for each other. 

During the episode, the Majola’s ominously sit and clean their guns plotting their deadly comeback.The episode provides levity with Lerato and Nqoba but quickly descends into violence. Mqhele and Qhawe fight over Hlomu. As always, big brother Nkosana deescalates the fight. Hlomu finds a bag of money in Mqhele’s bedroom and looks visibly upset with her discovery. 


Only three episodes in and Showmax’s The Wife is riveting AF

Episode 8: Twinning

Hlomu can’t stop thinking about the bag of money she found. Mqhele avoids the topic as best he can. Nqoba and his on-again off-again girlfriend Mandisa continue arguing about the status of their relationship. Hlomu’s twin brother, Langa, visits from Cape Town. He is played by local TikTok star Lindah Majola. Langa is not impressed with how fast Hlomu has moved with Mqhele and his family. Hlomu has an awkward and contentious run in with Sandile at a restaurant. The Zulu brothers reaction to the femme-presenting Langa is problematic, but also realistic. They seem quite shocked that Hlomu has a gay brother. 


Showmax’s first telenovela The Wife is a wild ride through crime and love

Episode 9: A ringing phone must be answered

The episode begins with Mandisa tearfully telling Nqoba she wants to be treated right by him and his brothers. She brings up that they follow cultural practices like lobola, but bypass her. She has been wanting to get married for years. However, Nqoba says his brothers control his finances and he cannot do anything about it. She tells him until there is a serious talk they will no longer sleep together. 

This is a compelling story arc in terms of what consent looks like, and how coercion could occur. Nkosana leads the charge to discuss making payments for “damages” with Mandisa’s family. She had a son with Nqoba out of wedlock. Hlomu goes out with Lerato and Langa. Mqhele is frantically calling but only gets her voicemail. Hlomu goes home early and is woken by frantic knocking on her flat door. Mqhele storms in and beats Hlomu to the ground. This was a harrowing scene albeit short to end the episode.

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