Eh!woza are using storytelling to raise awareness about important issues

Eh!woza (isiXhosa for “Hey! Come with us”) is a public engagement initiative. They produce youth-driven media to raise awareness about HIV/TB, infectious diseases and South African biomedical research. Samuel Flans and Alfa Fipaza are two filmmakers who produce work for the organisation. The Daily Vox spoke with the pair about their work at Eh!woza and the importance of documentaries.

The Daily Vox has partnered with Eh!woza and will be sharing their work on our platforms. 


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We met Sam and Alfa on a Wednesday afternoon at Eh!Woza’s studio in Paarden Eiland, Cape Town. When we arrived the pair were still in a meeting. Tasha Koch, the founding director of Eh!woza, provided a tour of the studio. Eh!woza has a spacious studio with an open floor plan and high ceiling. It is perfect for productivity and production. 

Samuel Flans, also known as Innocent Muziq, is a junior creative director at Eh!woza. Alfa Fipaza is a camera and drone operator. They are currently based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.


#BeTheDrivingForce with Samuel Flans 

What motivates you to work at Eh!woza?

Fipaza: Firstly, the transparent work culture. There’s a sense of belonging and the lines of communication are open. There is no pressure but opportunities for growth.

Flans: Secondly, we are doing what we love – storytelling and sharing untold stories. Stories have the ability to build connections and we have seen the impact they’ve had on individuals and the community. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Flans: In 2020, our Covid Fears and the Anti-Blackness of Covid Evictions documentary won the Documentary Filmmakers’ Association (DFA) doclove citizen journalist award. 

Covid Fears is a short film that was shot during level 3 lockdown in South Africa. It explores the difficulties of township life under level 3 lockdown in Makhaza, Khayelitsha and surrounds. 

The Anti-Blackness of Covid Evictions documentary focused on the evictions and the people without homes who occupied land in Zwelitsha, Khayelitsha. 

Why did you want to partner with The Daily Vox to share your content?

Flans: Firstly, our brand values align. We seek to find, curate and amplify the stories of South Africans be it in the city centre, the urban peripheries or the rural heartlands. Secondly, we can share knowledge and widen our audiences. 

What are you currently working on?

Flans: We are in the process of finishing stories in Cape Town and the Eastern Cape. COVID-19 and youth unemployment are some of the stories we’re working on. It’s a critical time for everyone, especially the youth. Our advice to them would be to get involved in projects. Volunteer, learn new things, look for new opportunities and try to spend less time on social media. 

The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. 

Featured images by Kelly Mutizira