The List: Popular job search websites in South Africa

The Jobseekers Series is a series of articles The Daily Vox team has put together to help prospective jobseekers. Job Seeking is a costly and difficult process. This series seeks to make it a little easier with tips and advice. 

Many industries continue to be hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are also others still hiring. It’s important to know how to apply for jobs on the internet. Knowing how and where to search for jobs online can help you find a suitable job. Job websites serve as the modern equivalent of classified ads by compiling and listing vacancies. We have compiled a list of popular job search websites in South Africa and steps you can take to apply for a job online. 


Help for jobseekers: Here’s how to write a CV

Before you apply for a job online, update your CV and draft a basic cover letter. Your CV should include your personal information, work experience, education and skills. If you don’t have work experience and/or voluntary experience, don’t panic. Recruiters are looking for more than just work experience, so it’s important to use your CV to showcase who you are and why you are a great fit for. Include your hobbies and interests, and a basic cover letter. Submitting a cover letter alongside your CV is a great way to ask for learning opportunities. Remember to keep it professional. 


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Before applying…

Some jobs may require a work portfolio. This is a collection of your work. A portfolio can be an excellent way to present your work to potential employers and display the skills that qualify you for a position. 

Save your CV under a simple title containing the word “CV” and include your first name, your last name, the current year and the position you’re applying for. It’s easier for HR and recruitment agencies to identify. You can use Google Docs to draft your CV for free and then export it as a PDF document when you need to apply for jobs online. If you are including your portfolio, also save it under a simple title containing the word “Portfolio” and include your first name and your last name. Also make sure you have important things like references and cover letter templates available. 

Now that you have that, let’s hit the internet. 

Here’s seven popular websites to search for jobs in South Africa.


Indeed is the world’s number one job website with over 250 million unique visitors every month. The site posts job listings for job seekers in every industry, every level and every job type. Job-seekers can search for jobs by job title, keywords, company and location. People can also upload their CV for free to the website to increase their exposure. The site is 100% free for job seekers and no account is necessary. Signing up for an account will allow you to receive email alerts when new jobs are posted. The site also provides a salary comparison tool and a company reviews section. This allows job seekers to read candid opinions on prospective employers before applying or accepting an offer. 


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 774+ million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. It is a social network platform mainly used for professional networking. It allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs. LinkedIn gives you the ability to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations and connections. It also demonstrates credibility in your industry and highlights your achievements.


Bizcommunity is an independently-owned media organisation made in Africa for Africa. It has an audience of 370,000 multi-industry professionals. They stay informed and publish corporate content across 18 sectors of the economy. BizCommunity has a job portal for every entry level.


SAGovJobs is a government job portal. It helps the public find job opportunities within the South African Government. The jobs are grouped by province, city, and department.


Government portal to provide opportunities for young people  

Government Jobs

Vacancies in all government departments and provincial governments are advertised on the website. Many departments have learnerships and internships on the vacancies pages. In addition, you can find job adverts from across the government advertised in the Vuk’uzenzele newspaper.


CareerJunction provides job seekers, agencies and employers reliable insights into salary levels and online labour supply and demand trends.


Careers24 is a job portal that assists job seekers from all sectors and experience levels. It helps jobseekers find and apply for vacancies from hundreds of South Africa’s leading companies. 

Make sure to do your research properly before accepting any interview or job offers. 

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