‘BTS World’ Is ARMY’s Dream

Go back to 2012 with BTS World. The game developed by Netmarble is the newest release of the biggest band in the world, BTS. BigHit Entertainment released the game on June 26 on both iOS and Android devices for 249 countries. Thousands of people around the world played the game on release day with the #BTSWorld trending in South Africa. One of The Daily Vox’s resident ARMY FATIMA MOOSA reviewed the game

The game 

“Is it fate that’s found us, or have we found our fate?”

This line sounds like it comes from one of the amazing songs that make up BTS extensive discography. But actually it’s not. This is a line from the inner monologue of the inner monologue that the player (meaning you) has in the game. 

The game is set up like an Avengers-style Thanos “make everything disappear”. In the latest Avengers installment, the villain Thanos clicks his fingers and makes everything disappear. In a similar way, the game starts with the seven members of the group disappearing from a ticket to their concert. 

You as the player then find yourself in 2012. Any fan of the true will know this is the year the group was put together. That’s basically the premise of the game. It’s tracing the journey of the group from their humble beginnings to where they find themselves now as one of the most talked-about artists in 2019. 

The player of the game is seen as a manager of the team. You are responsible for finding all the members, auditioning them, and then putting the team together. It is truly a fan’s dream. The game also comes with interesting backstories for each member. 

An especially cool feature is the social media feature on the game. In this section, the player can have “phone conversations” with the members, comment on their social media and even text them as the manager of course. 


For the game, the seven members produced four originals soundtracks (OSTs) that play during the game. The members broke up into groups to produce the songs in collaboration with Western artists. Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin collaborated with Charli XCX on the song Dream Glow. The main rappers for the group RM and Suga collaborated with Juice WRLD on All Night. j-Hope and V worked with Zara Larsson on A Brand New Day.

So not only do fans get to play the game and hear all of the great songs they love from the group, but there are also three new songs to delight fans. 

The final song to be released Heartbeat is available exclusively inside the BTS World app for 48 hours. By playing the game the song can be found inside the introduction levels. Players can also hear the song before those who don’t download the game. 

After full two days of exclusivity is up, the official soundtrack released June 28.

Heartbeat Music Video

The group released the accompanying music video for the seven-member song Heartbeat from the OST. It features the members all living their lives separately. It is an imagining set in the BTS World of where the members would be if they had not joined the group. It’s a beautiful music video that somehow reminds the viewer of the group’s DNA music video.

Final response 

The game might come off a little like it’s fanfiction. In fanfiction, there’s a common genre called Y/N which is where the writer allows the reader to insert themselves into the story. BTS World kind of has a similar vibe to that because as a player, it feels like you are directly conversing with the members. 

The game also needs a lot of storage space on your device to play. Before the game was even released, the Twitter account for BTS World told fans they should make space on their devices. Each new level or story in the game requires additional data to be downloaded.

These are small things though. The game is meant for fans and fans definitely love the game. While the game has a popup window that says it is illegal to distribute images and videos from the game, fans have taken to social media to share their experiences of the game. 

Featured image via Wikicommons