All the times politicians were just extra this election season

DA EFF 2016 local election street posters

1. We begin with Herman Mashaba

The DA’s mayoral candidate for Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, has been, well, controversial. This became apparent when he lashed out with an anti-poor statement in an SABC interview in February.

[dropcap]”[/dropcap]It is interesting that you can expect poor people to be the leaders. That is looking for trouble, in any given situation.”

Herman Mashaba is a poverty shamer and cannot lead us

Responding to the accusations that the DA was appropriating Nelson Mandela in its election advertising, Mashaba also said he believes Madiba would have voted for the DA.

[dropcap]”[/dropcap]I personally feel if Mr Mandela was still alive today, DA would really be the party that he would be voting for, because DA represents what Mandela fought for.”



2. But Julius Malema is an equal opportunity ANC-hater
While Mashaba is anti-poor, we can always count on Malema to be anti-Zuma. At the EFF’s final election rally on Sunday, he claimed that he has a photo of an ANC member wetting himself and that he will release it before the elections if continues to be “tjatjarag”.

[dropcap]”[/dropcap]There is one minister I know very well – when he is drunk, he pees on himself, yet he behaves like he is some guru in politics”

Malema’s been full of interesting promises this year. At the University of Venda, he promised he would put Zuma in jail if the EFF ever got elected and to then also turn Nkandla into a college.

[dropcap]”[/dropcap]After he pays, we will then take him to Kgosi Mampuru Prison in Pretoria. He will stay with Oscar Pistorius and after that we will convert Nkandla into a college education so that our children can receive education from there because it was built out of our money, so we can do anything we want with it.”


3. Mmusi Maimane’s history lesson 
One of the ANC’s other famous critics, Mmusi Maimane, has, of course, been vocal about their shortcomings while campaigning for votes. While commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Soweto uprising, Maimane said that the education the ANC is providing is worse than Bantu education during apartheid.

[dropcap]”[/dropcap]The education his government provides to millions of black children is no better than the Bantu Education of 40 years ago. In fact‚ many believe it is worse.”

4. And because we have no dogs in this fight, here’s Jacob Zuma himself
Of course, we couldn’t leave out Baba himself. On 29 July, Zuma told supporters at a rally in Thokoza Park that if they left the ANC they would incur the wrath of their ancestors.

[dropcap]”[/dropcap]When you leave ANC, the ancestors will give you their back and you will have bad luck everywhere you go for all your life.”

Unsurprisingly, Zuma called Maimane a fake at an election rally in Port Elizabeth.

[dropcap]“[/dropcap]The DA has put up that fake; white people don’t even attend his meetings, because he is fake.”

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Featured image by Benazir Cassim