Reporters' Notebooks

Travelling a jobless road

RA’EESA PATHER mulls the plight of South Africa’s unemployed.

Does Zuma really put his money where his mouth is?

UYANDA SIYOTULA writes to the Sunday Times about an article that appeared in the paper reporting President Zuma is doling out cash on the campaign trail.

My X: Better health for all!

Our government is not an epitome of good health. It has been diagnosed by the media, analysts and political figures as having several political chronic ailments, corruption, unemployment, poor service delivery, the Marikana massacre and Nkandlagate. How can we expect the health system to be fit and strong under such governance, asks UYANDA SIYOTULA.

Conversations with our Elderly

RUMANA AKOOB reflects on her time spent with elderly South Africans in Durban this week.

In a country of many stories, the elderly tell theirs

UYANDA SIYOTULA says it is the elderly, those who have seen and heard it all and have their stories to tell, who will tell the great South African story.

Listening to the Old-Timers

We may not always hear South Africa’s elderly, but sometimes they speak to us in surprising ways, writes RA’EESA PATHER.

A call to redefine democracy

It is often said that the grass is greener on the other side, but that is not the case when you pay a visit in either Kliptown or Bekkersdal, writes UYANDA SIYOTULA.

The colours of a march

RUMANA AKOOB narrates the myriad colours of an ANC rally in Durban.

The “service delivery” euphemism

From stoic police justice to the supposedly illegal protestors, what happened to the story of humans, asks RA'EESA PATHER

On the Rhodes to Elections: What do students in Grahamstown think?

AMANDA XULU writes from Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape where she says students seem apathetic about this year’s election.

Ahoy there! Which way for the Cape?

RA’EESA PATHER read the Institute of Security Studies “FuturesCape Policy Brief”. It’s left her with more questions than answers.

Lessons on the state of the nation

RUMANA AKOOB has learned some valuable lessons in her efforts to discover the "state of the nation".

Why do we vote?

RA’EESA PATHER reflects on the conversations she’s had with Capetonians during the last weekend of voter registration.

FIVE ways to get the youth to register to vote

Our Durban reporter, RUMANA AKOOB has some advice for the IEC.